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Used & second hand cars under 2 Lakh in Mumbai

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Used 2007 Alto for sale in Mumbai

95,000 Inr Mumbai
  • 2007
  • |
  • 50,000 km
  • |
  • Manual
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Used 2008 Wagon R LXI for sale in Mumbai

1.25 Lakh Mumbai
  • 2008
  • |
  • 69,100 km
  • |
  • Manual
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Used 2011 Beat Diesel LS for sale in Mumbai

1.55 Lakh Mumbai
  • 2011
  • |
  • 64,000 km
  • |
  • Manual
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The Mumbai auto market is one of the oldest ones in India. Recently, more vehicles have appeared in the country, especially in the luxury car segment, which has also occurred in Mumbai. The city is the place where the first car in India travelled. The city is also where cars produced by almost all carmakers in the world can be found. Most of the major automakers in India have their offices in Mumbai. This development can be explained by the income increase among the residents in the city. Not just new cars space in the city has experienced a considerable expansion but the used cars one also witnessed the same thing with numerous used cars for sale in Mumbai available.

I. Most popular second-hand cars below INR 2 lakh in Mumbai

You have saved money for a long time to buy a new car but in vain due to their high price. Do not worry. You can switch to a used car. You only have a below-INR-2 lakh budget. Do not worry again since there is a wide range of pre-owned cars within 2 lakh in Mumbai from various automakers for you to choose from.

Maruti Suzuki

Top used under-INR-2-lakh Maruti cars

Price on IndianAuto

 Maruti Zen in Mumbai

 From INR 47,000

 Maruti Wagon R in Mumbai

 From INR 48,000

 Maruti Alto in Mumbai

 From INR 49,000

 Maruti Swift in Mumbai

 From INR 98,000

 Maruti Dzire in Mumbai

 From INR 1.99 lakh


* Prices of these vehicles are for reference only.

Access IndianAuto to look for more second-hand Maruti cars in Mumbai.


Top used under-INR-2-lakh Hyundai cars

Price on IndianAuto

 Hyundai Santro Xing in Mumbai

 From INR 48,000

 Hyundai Accent in Mumbai

 From INR 50,000

 Hyundai Getz in Mumbai

 From INR 50,000

 Hyundai Verna in Mumbai

 From INR 95,000

 Hyundai i10 in Mumbai

 From INR 92,150

* Prices of these vehicles are for reference only.

To get access to more pre-owned Hyundai cars in Mumbai, visit IndianAuto.


Top used under-INR-2-lakh Honda cars

Price on IndianAuto

 Honda City in Mumbai

 From INR 65,000

 Honda Accord in Mumbai

 From INR 1.45 lakh

 Honda Civic in Mumbai

 From INR 1.09 lakh


* Prices of these vehicles are for reference only.

For more used Honda cars in Mumbai, pay a visit to IndianAuto.

II. Where to find good second-hand cars below INR 1 lakh in Pune?

One of the most reliable places for you to find second-hand cars is, an ultimate integrated digital auto platform for selling and buying cars in India. The website provides you with a multitude of second-hand cars for sale, car reviews and auto articles in India. You can use our advanced filtering tool to find your ideal car which is suitable for your demand, preference and budget. Accordingly, if you want to find used cars under 2 lakh, simply set the budget filter as under 2 lakh. Then you can get access a large number of car options which satisfy the criterion. Just enter some of your basic personal information and the seller’s information will be available. You can contact your seller or the seller can also contact you.

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