Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta: Which One Is The Better Choice?

by Mohammed Burman | 03/01/2020
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The Tata Harrier and the Toyota Innova Crysta are both top-selling SUVs in their segment with a decent sales number since their launch. Read on this Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta comparison to discover which one fares better in the Indian auto market.

Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta: Introduction

Launched nearly one year ago, the Tata Harrier has maintained to be one of the best-selling Tata cars in India with a decent monthly sales number, thanks to a temporary design and a long list of equipment right from the base variant. However, the SUV still causes a great deal of disappointment due to the current absence of petrol, automatic and 7-seat versions, which are expected to be introduced to the Indian auto market soon.

The Toyota Innova Crysta was launched in 2016 and has also recorded a great sales number since then despite its remarkably higher price than the outgoing model. This can be explained by the dramatic design, the larger dimensions and more powerful motors. These cars are two of the top-selling SUVs in the Indian auto market. So, how do they fare against each other in the Indian auto market? Read on for our Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta comparison review.

Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta Dimensions: Which is bigger?

Both of the SUVs are full-sized SUV with an over-4-metre length. Generally, the Toyota Innova Crysta is bigger than the Taata Harrier with many larger dimensions, which is due to the 7-seat configuration of the former in comparison with the 5-seat layout of the latter. Refer to the table below for a detailed comparison of the dimensions of the two vehicles.


 Tata Harrier

Toyota Innova Crysta


 4,598 mm

 4,735 mm


 1,894 mm

 1,830 mm


 1,706 mm

 1,795 mm


 2,741 mm

 2,790 mm

 Ground Clearance

 205 mm

 193 mm

 Kerb Weight

 1,675 kg

 1,890 kg

 Seating capacity

 5 seaters

 7 seaters

Specifically, the Toyota Innova Crysta is longer than the Tata Harrier by over 100 mm and measures marginally less in width. As regards the height, the Innova Crysta also measures greater than the Harrier by nearly 100 mm. The ground clearance of the Tata Harrier is greater than that of its rival, ensuring greater off-road capabilities for the former. Meanwhile, the kerb weight of the Innova Crysta is greater than that of its competitor.

Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta Design: Which is better-looking?

Exterior comparison

Being the first Tata model to feature Tata Motors’ Impact Design 2.0 philosophy, the Tata Harrier is surely to attract anyone’s attention with a striking appearance. The busy front of the SUV will disappoint some car customers but will still gain more lovers than haters. The vehicle has a split headlight system which is becoming more and more popular in India and has also been adopted for the Hyundai Venue and the MG Hector. A strip of high-set LEDs which consist of the DRLs and turn signal indicators flow into a wide grille. A de rigueur scuff plate is present on the lower part of the front. Body cladding has been used to give the SUV a higher stance.

On the side profile, the wide wheel arches which are an important element of the Impact Design 2.0 makes the Harrier look more massive but also make the 17-inch wheels look smaller. The more attractively designed wheels contribute to the appealing appearance of the vehicle. The rear has an elegant design with smart taillamps and neat creases on the tailgate.

2019 tata harrier orange front angle

On the other hand, the Toyota Innova Crysta has the MPV shape but with dramatic design. In the lower section of the front, there is a large grille with black slats and two chrome bars. Flanked by the grille are two wide swept-back headlights which are integrated with LED running lights and projector components. 17-inch wheel arches, the rearmost window glass and the flared wheel arches are what make the sides of the vehicle more attractive. In the rear, the inverted L-shaped taillights are one of the most outstanding features.

2016 toyota innova crysta viloet front angle

Since exterior design is a matter of personal preferences, we would not give any recommendation here. However, SUV model here wins this part of our Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta comparison because of the more modern design of the vehicle in comparison with its rival.

Interior comparison

Seating capacity

The Tata Harrier cabin offers a comfortable journey with wide, lumbar-adjustable front seats. Although a dead pedal is available, folding your left leg will make your knee uncomfortably brush the centre console. The rear seats are supportive and nice enough with amber legroom and have less to complain about.

The Toyota Innova Crysta far outdoes the Tata Harrier as regards the seating capacity. The front seats are large and well-shaped to provide excellent support for the passengers. The captain chairs in the second seat row offer a similar level of comfort but not electrically adjustable like the driver’s seat. These chairs can easily slide back and forth and foldable tables are positioned in the front seats’ rear. Passengers sitting in the rear will find their knees folded nearly to the chest’s level, which is also common in other 7-seater cars. However, it is much better than the outgoing Innova and most of its rivals.

Interior features

The Tata Harrier is considered to be one of the most modern Tata cars to date with a wide range of top-notch interior features right from the entry-level variant. The top-spec variant uses a great deal of leather. The independent 8.8-inch touchscreen is polishing and the metal-like component which horizontally divides the dash looks premium, too. An all-digital instrument cluster makes the interior of the vehicle even more upmarket. Some plastics still exist inside the cabin; however, they do not affect the overall premium feel of the Harrier's cabin.

2019 tata harrier interior

In the meanwhile, the Toyota Innova Crysta has a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system which is smaller than that of the Tata Harrier but it is modern and has a lot of advanced features. The SUV has big and clear dials; the wide thick-rimmed leather and wood-trimmed driving wheel comes with various controls. Moreover, all the seat rows have electronic air-conditioning vents.

2016 toyota innova crysta interior

The Tata Harrier is also rich in storage spaces with large door pockets, rear shelves, a large cool glove box. Moreover, the large 425-litre boot space, which can be expanded to 810 litres on the top-spec variants, also offers a great deal of storage space.

As regards the storage space, the Innova Crysta offers up to 20 bottle holders which are spread around the cabin and some other cubbyholes. Nevertheless, we would prefer one larger glovebox instead of two small ones. The Innova Crysta has been specifically developed for long-distance travels.

Safety and security features

Both of the SUVs offer both the driver and the passengers a safe journey, thanks to a wide list of safety and security features. For the Tata Harrier, these include 6 airbags, traction control, dynamic stability control, rollover, rollover mitigation control and ISOFIX child seat anchors, etc. (on the top variants). The Toyota Innova Crysta is equipped with three airbags, ABS with EBD and BA as standard features across all variants and up to seven airbags, hill hold control and vehicle stability control on the top-spec variant, etc.

Here, the clear winner is the Toyota Innova Crysta, thanks to its more premium and comfortable cabin with more top-notch features.

Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta: Which has higher performance?

The Toyota Innova Crysta is the clear winner in this competition since it comes with much more various and powerful engines than the Tata Harrier.


 Tata Harrier

 Toyota Innova Crysta  

 Engine Type

 2.0-litre Multijet diesel

 2-TR-FE Dual VVT-i diesel 

 2-GD FTV diesel

 1-GD FTV diesel


 1,956 cc

 2,694 cc

 2,383 cc

 2,755 cc

 No. of cylinders






 138.1 BHP

 163.7 BHP

 147.8 BHP

 171.5 BHP


 350 Nm

 245 Nm

 343 Nm

 360 Nm

 Drive Type






 6-speed MT

 5-speed MT/6-speed AMT

5-speed MT

 5-speed MT/6-speed AMT

Available in both the petrol and diesel versions, the Toyota Innova Crysta receives its power from much larger motors than the Tata Harrier; therefore, it can generate much more power than its competitor. As regards the transmission options, the Innova Crysta also outdoes its rivals with both the automatic and manual gearbox in comparison with only the manual one in the Tata Harrier. In the near future, the Tata Harrier is expected to get the petrol and the automatic versions as well with a view to increasing the competitiveness against its competitors.

2016 toyota innova crysta grey front angle

Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta Top Speed: Which is faster?

Surprisingly enough, despite less powerful engine, the Tata Harrier is faster and has a shorter 0 - 100 kmph acceleration time than the Toyota Innova Crysta.


 Tata Harrier

 Toyota Innova Crysta  

 Engine Types

 2.0-litre Multijet diesel

 2-TR-FE Dual VVT-i petrol

 2-GD FTV diesel

 1-GD FTV diesel

 Top speed

 180 kmph

 175 kmph

 175 kmph 

 175 kmph

 0 - 100 kmph

 < 10 seconds

 13 seconds

 13 seconds

 13 seconds

This can be explained by the greater kerb weight of the Innova Crysta than its rival.

Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta: Which is more fuel-efficient?

The Tata Harrier is more fuel-efficient than the Toyota Innova Crysta. Refer to the table below for detailed fuel mileage figures of the Tata Harrier vs the Toyota Innova Crysta.


 Tata Harrier

 Toyota Innova Crysta  

 Fuel Types




 Fuel Tank Capacity

 50 litres

 65 litres

 55 litres

 ARAI-Certified Fuel Mileage

 17.0 kmpl

 11.25 kmpl (MT)/10.75 kmpl (AMT)

 13.68 kmpl (MT)/11.36 kmpl (AMT)

The fuel mileage is one of the top priorities when people choose their car since a car with decent fuel mileage will help the owner save a great deal of money in the long run. The more decent fuel mileage offers the Harrier a clear benefit over its competitor.

Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta Price: Which is cheaper?

The Tata Harrier is priced at a lower price range than the Toyota Innova Crysta.


 Tata Harrier

 Toyota Innova Crysta

 Ex-showroom Prices

 INR 13.00 - INR 17.10 lakh

 INR 14.93 lakh - INR 23.47 lakh

 On-road Price (Delhi)

 INR 14.63 lakh - INR 19.11 lakh

 INR 17.64 - INR 24.75 lakh

This is easy-to-understand since while the Tata Harrier belongs to the 5-seater SUV segment, the Toyota Innova Crysta falls into the 7-seater one. The lower price range offers the former a clear benefit over the latter.

Tata Harrier: Other competitors

The Tata Harrier also competes against the Kia Seltos, the MG Hector and the Mahindra XUV500 in the Indian auto market.

Other Competitors

Compare with Hyundai Aura

 Kia Seltos

 Tata Harrier vs Kia Seltos

 MG Hector

 Tata Harrier vs MG Hector

 Mahindra XUV500

 Tata Harrier vs Mahindra XUV500

Toyota Innova Crysta: Other competitors

In the Indian auto market, the Toyota Innova Crysta also rivals the Maruti XL6.

Other Competitors

Compare with Hyundai Aura

 Maruti XL6

 Toyota Innova Crysta vs Maruti XL6 

Verdict: Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta - which one is worth buying?

The Tata Harrier and the Toyota Innova Crysta are both top-selling SUVs in India. Each of the cars has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you prefer an appealing-looking, fast, fuel-efficient car, the Harrier is the better choice. On the other hand, the Innova Crysta is for the people who are looking for a car with a premium interior, more various and powerful motor and transmission options. Plus, the Tata Harrier is for the people who are on a tighter budget. 

Consider everything carefully before making the final decision. Hope that this article on Tata Harrier vs Toyota Innova Crysta comparison review has helped you choose the more suitable car for yourself.

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