Which Are Five Best Car Insurance Companies In India?

by Mohammed Burman | 13/05/2020
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This article is going to provide you with a list of five best car insurance companies in India. Read on to discover.

Almost all car users are well informed about the importance of having motor insurance. According to the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, it is mandatory for a car owner to possess third-party auto insurance which will cover the damage caused to your car (both man-made and natural) while driving. Earlier, we have shown you the tips to claim insurance for car accident in India; today, we are going to provide you with a list of top five car insurance companies India.

5 best car insurance companies India

The Oriental Insurance Company Limited

The Oriental Insurance Company Limited is a public sector insurance company in India. With the only goal to provide ‘Service to Clients’, the company has achieved some awards, thanks to its high and rapid claim settlement for policy claims. This explains why it is included in the list of five best car insurance companies India. The company offers the following features to its customers.

  • The car can be quickly repaired in one of its partner garages in India;

  • Available discounts if an anti-theft device is equipped in the car or the car owner is a member of an Automobile Association;

  • A discount which is included in the No Claim Bonus;

  • 5, 10 and 15-day alternative car benefit in which the limits for a day are INR 400 or INR 650.

the oriental insurance company limited


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ICICI Lombard General Insurance Company Limited

According to a survey carried out by J.D Power Asia Pacific, ICICI Lombard General Insurance is the most favoured car insurance company as regards the modified plans offered to its customers. Specifically, the company has modernized some of its processes with a view to better serving the customers. The most outstanding feature of the company is its ‘Mobile Self Inspection’ which allows you to record a video of your car. This video is then automatically uploaded onto the app and an insurance quote is created, which will considerably reduce the long physical inspection. Furthermore, the company also offers the following features to the customers:

  • INR 500 allowance per day;

  • Quick insurance renewal with little paperwork;

  • Zero depreciation cover and cover on the substituted part with no deduction in claim amount;

  • Cashless claims at more than 3,400 garages all over India;

  • Transferrable no-claim bonus benefit when no claim is made.

All of these help ICICI Lombard General Insurance deserve to be included in the list of the best car insurance companies India.

icici lombard general insurance company limited


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Bajaj Allianz General Insurance

Being a well-known car insurance company in India, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance is the first company to provide telematics-based auto insurance to its customers. Moreover, this company also offers a smart device called ‘Drive Smart’ which is installed in the customers’ car. This device tracks the driving habits of the car owner, calculate and charge the premium at the policy renewal, which helps the customers save as much as 30%. Some other features of this company consist of:

  • Round-the-clock claims via SMS and 24x7 call centre;

  • Cashless claims can be settled at more than 400 garages;

  • Easy car inspection at garages of customers’ choice with high-quality service;

  • Free towing vehicles for car accident or breakdown.

bajaj allianz general insurance

TATA AJG Insurance Company Limited

TATA AJG Insurance has focused on customers in their provision of the services. Accordingly, some essential features of this company include:

  • Seven-day claim settlement;

  • Instant and direct settlement can be ensured when the car repair is done at any of the partner garages;

  • High-quality materials and spare parts are used for your car repair;

  • Free-towing vehicles offered in case of an accident or breakdown;

  • 12 additional covers can be chosen to improve the benefit.

tata ajg insurance company limited


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Reliance General Insurance Company Limited

Reliance General Insurance Company Limited is one of the most prestigious car insurance companies in India. You can purchase insurance for your car only by entering the car’s registration number and several personal information like email and phone number. Some of the services that this car company offers to its customers include:

  • Cashless repair at more than 3,800 partner garages in India;

  • Online-renewed policy;

  • Free roadside support if a breakdown or accident occurs;

  • Discounts on premiums if an anti-theft device has been installed in your car or you are a member of an automobile association.

Which Are Five Best Car Insurance Companies In India?

Why is it necessary to choose an ideal auto insurance company?

Each car insurance companies have specific offerings that can be suitable for specific customers’ demands. While some customers are looking for low premiums, others prefer their car to be quickly repaired. Many companies introduce new features on a regular basis to attract more customers. Therefore, you should keep updated on these new features so that you can select the most beneficial policies. It is also necessary to check the terms and conditions of each car insurance companies to avoid conflicts later on.

In conclusion, you should not make a decision to purchase any car insurance until you have made a proper comparison between the car insurance companies. If you have any question, you are highly recommended to contact the customer support department of these above companies for further information. We hope that after reading this article, you can choose the best car insurance company for yourself.

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