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Used 2012 Swift VDI for sale in Nagpur

3.8 Lakh Nagpur
  • 2012
  • |
  • 68,000 km
  • |
  • Manual
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I. How to purchase second-hand cars in Nagpur?

1. What are the current situations of the Indian auto market in Nagpur?

The Indian auto market in Nagpur has experienced significant expansion in the last few years. Vehicles in all segments including pick-up trucks, multi-utility vehicles, passenger cars and luxury cars, etc. have recorded a rise in sales numbers. This has contributed a great deal to not only the Indian auto market in particular but also the whole economy in general. This significant development can be explained by the following reasons:

  • Rising Nagpur economy: Nagpur residents’ disposable income is rising; therefore, they have more money to invest in cars.

  • Increasing accessibility of service centres and spare-part shops: Nagpur residents can have their cars serviced more regularly.

  • Loan schemes: Financial institutions and automakers have conducted many loan schemes, which makes buying cars become an easier process.

  • Government policies: Many policies have been carried out by the government to reduce auto prices.

Not just the new car segment in Nagpur has experienced amazing development but the used car one has also done the same thing with a much faster space. There are now numerous second-hand car options available in the city.

2. What are the tips to buy a used car in Nagpur?

Purchasing a second-hand car is a good idea if you want to commute in a car without spending too much money. Nowadays, thanks to the great number of used car dealerships and second-hand car options in Nagpur, finding a good pre-owned car is not as difficult as before. Nevertheless, buying a second-hand car is always more challenging than a new car, which requires you to keep in mind some tips which help you find the best used car at the best price. These used car buying tips can be applied to any cities.

  • Considering your budget: The first thing you should consider is which cars most suit your budget, which will help you shortlist the options. Car customers who have made a decision to purchase a pre-owned car instead of a new one usually regard price as one of the top priorities when buying cars.

  • Considering your demands and interests: Once you have chosen which car most suit your budget, it is time to consider which brands, models and variants can satisfy your demands and interests. This will help you shortlist the options even more.

  • Inspecting the car: It is necessary that you should thoroughly check all the cars’ parts, the exterior, interior, the engines, etc. to see whether there are any problems. You can also have a professional mechanic check them for you.

  • Checking the vehicle history: It is highly recommended that you check the vehicle’s service history to see if it has experienced any accidents or overhauls.

  • Test driving the car: This is an important step in buying a used car that car customers can easily ignore. You should test drive the car to check whether there are any issues with the brakes, the horn, etc.

  • Checking the related documents: To avoid later legal problems, you had better check all the related papers including the registration certificate (RC), the bank NOC, the pollution-under-control (PUC) certificate, etc.

After implementing all the above-mentioned steps, do not forget to negotiate with the sellers/dealers to get the best price for your car.

used car dealership in nagpur

A used car dealership in Nagpur

II. Which are the most affordable second-hand cars in Nagpur?

The cheapest cars in Nagpur include the Hyundai Accent which costs from INR 65,000 on IndianAuto, the Maruti Wagon R, the Hyundai Santro Xing and the Chevrolet Spark.


Cheapest Used Cars in Nagpur

Prices on IndianAuto


 Hyundai Accent in Nagpur

 From INR 65,000


 Chevrolet Spark in Nagpur

 From INR 80,000


 Maruti Wagon R in Nagpur

 From INR 90,000


 Hyundai Santro Xing in Nagpur

 From INR 92,500

*Note: These above prices are for reference only

III. Which are the most popular SUVs in Nagpur

SUVs are attaining increasing popularity with people not only in Nagpur but all over India as well. Thanks to their good qualities like high ground clearance, robust appearance, etc., SUVs are becoming the favourite type of vehicle for Nagpur residents. People in the city have a great passion for SUVs or all types of vehicles that look like SUVs. The most popular SUVs in Nagpur include the Honda CR-V, the  Ford EcoSport, the Mahindra Scorpio, the Hyundai Creta and the Toyota Fortuner.


Cheapest Used Cars in Nagpur

Prices on IndianAuto


 Honda CR-V 5-seater SUV in Nagpur

 From INR 2.75 lakh


 Ford EcoSport 5-seater SUV in Nagpur

 From INR 5.5 lakh


 Mahindra Scorpio 7-seater SUV in Nagpur

 From INR 5.75 lakh


 Hyundai Creta 5-seater SUV in Nagpur

 From INR 8.49 lakh


 Toyota Fortuner 7-seater SUV in Nagpur

 From INR 10 lakh

*Note: These above prices are for reference only

IV. How to use used cars in Nagpur?

Once you have purchased a second-hand car in Nagpur, you are required to transfer the vehicle’s ownership. Although the process may vary a little bit in each city, the general procedure includes the following steps. You need to apply for the vehicle’s ownership transfer at the local RTO. The compulsory documents include the RC, the PUC certificate, the residential evidence, Form 28, 29 and 30 along with the N.C.R.B.A report. You have to pay INR 300 for the ownership transfer fee. The Indian government has also announced that any more-than-15-year-old cars can not be driven on Indian roads and must be scrapped. Therefore, do not purchase any cars which are older than 15 years old.

V. Second-hand cars which are also looked for in Nagpur

By Brand: Hyundai used cars | Maruti second-hand cars | BMW pre-owned cars | Honda used cars | Toyota second-hand cars

By Price Range: used cars under 1 lakh | second-hand cars below 2 lakh | pre-owned cars within 3 lakh

By Body Type: used SUV cars | second-hand sedan cars | pre-owned luxury cars

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