Here Are 3 Mercedes G-Wagen Replicas Based on Mahindra Bolero

by Kshitij Rawat | 16/04/2020
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Check out the three best examples of modified Mahindra Bolero that have been transformed into Mercedes G-Wagen.

Mercedes-Benz G-Class is perhaps the most iconic SUV of all time. Its simple yet elegant design has always managed to steal attention wherever it goes. Sadly, the car costs more than a decently large house! This hasn't stopped people from desiring one though, and some people have found a workaround as well- build your own lookalike!

best modified Mahindra Bolero to G-Wagen transformation

Mahindra Bolero is perhaps the most popular car choice for such a mod-job. The car’s boxy silhouette and bare-bones design make it easy for people to work on it. We’ve showcased multiple examples of modified Boleros at IndianAuto. Here, we have three of the best examples we could find online of modified Boler/G-Wagen clone.

R&T Auto Catalyst

modified Bolero/G-Wagen by R&T Auto Catalyst

This particular Mahindra Bolero to G-Wagen conversion has been done by R&T Auto Catalyst, a Kerala based car customisation shop. The conversion is the best one out of all modified cars listed here. The headlamps are circular (as they should be) with projector headlamps and LED DRLs. The front grille has the horizontal chrome slats with the three-point star in the centre. There is another Mercedes badge on the hood. The indicator lights project upwards from above the headlights, just like on the real G-Class SUV.

modified Mahindra Bolero/Mercedes G-Wagen by R&T Auto Catalyst

The biggest grudge we have here is the rear windscreen, which is a bit too small. It makes the tail section look disproportionate and ugly, compared to the G-Wagen as well as the Bolero. Also, If the Alloy wheels were a different design, the car might look even more premium!

Jeep Studio

modified Bolero/G-Wagen by Jeep Studio

The modified Bolero in the pictures above is built by Jeep Studio, a Coimbatore-based custom garage. This particular G-Wagen body kit was priced at Rs. 7.35 (excluding taxes), and took nearly four months to build. The garage also offers interior modification for the car for an additional Rs. 50,000.

modified Mahindra Bolero/Mercedes G-Wagen by Jeep Studio

The car does look extremely impressive. The front grille has two horizontal bars and a giant three-point star in the middle. The rest of the grille is blacked-out mesh, as is the front air-dam and the vents in front bumper. The headlamps are round, with LED DRLs upwards projecting indicator lights. The alloy wheels are also custom, five-spoke with a diamond-cut finish.

Pandit & Co

modified Bolero/G-Wagen by Pandit & Co

This modified Mahindra Bolero/G-Wagen lookalike has been built by Pandit & Co, a custom car shop based in New Delhi. As far as body kits go, this one is a relatively simple one. A majority of the changes are limited to the car’s face. The front grille is completely blacked-out, and hidden behind bull bars. The headlamps are round units with an underlining LED strip. The front bumper has been completely redesigned and features two pairs of fog lamps, a pair on each side of the bumper.

modified Mahindra Bolero/Mercedes G-Wagen by Pandit & Co

One interesting design detail is the side-mounted exhaust, built to mirror the original Mercedes G-Class SUV. The rear, however, features next-to-no change, with stock tail lamps, bumpers, and tailgate. There are a few additions though, like a roof-mounted spoiler and an additional pair of taillights mounted on the D-pillars.

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