How To Implement Permanent Car Registration In Madhya Pradesh

by Mohammed Burman | 13/01/2020
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This article is going to provide you with a guide on how to conduct permanent car registration in MP (Madhya Pradesh)

In present times, on buying a new car, you are issued a temporary registration number that can be used for 30 working days before replacing it with the permanent number. Basically, a car's temporary number helps the new car owner by allowing him some time to file for a permanent number. During the validity of the temporary registration, the owner can normally use his vehicle and even drive to the RTO to file for permanent registration. While the procedure of getting a car registered is almost similar in every state of the country, our post here will take you through the steps involved in the registration of a vehicle in Madhya Pradesh, which happens to be the largest state of the country.

For the vehicles which have just been temporarily registered, permanent registration in the state is mandatory. Below, we are going to show you how to apply for permanent car registration in MP (Madhya Pradesh), along with giving you full details of the documents required to convert your car registration status from temporary to permanent as well as the validity time of the RC in Madhya Pradesh.

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The car registration in MP process can take 5 working days.

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Procedure for Car Registration in MP (Madhya Pradesh)

First of all, to initate the process, the owner of the vehicle is required to visit the local RTO office. In case you are confused where to find the address of the RTO of your area, you can check the list of RTO offices in MP by clicking on the highlighted text and extrct the information from the page the link leads to. Then, you have to submit application forms which can be obtained from the RTO offices with certain fees. After that, you have to hand in the Vahan forms. Remember that besides the forms above, you have also to submit Form 20, Form 21 and Form 22 (Clicking on these links will help you download the respective forms. You also have to submit the related documents in the counter and pay the required fees so that the officials could start your registration. The related documents for car registration in MP (Madhya Pradesh) are as follows:

  • Temporary RC

  • Customs Clearance Certificate if your car is imported

  • Income Tax clearance as stated in CMV Rules or Rule 81

  • Sales certificate in Form 21

  • Roadworthiness in Form 22 from the automakers or in Form 22A from the Bodybuilder if the car is externally fabricated.

  • Valid Insurance Certificate

  • An attested copy of the Proof of Address

  • Aadhaar Card

  • Pollution Under Control Certificate

  • Original Sales Certificate from concerned Authorities in Form 21

  • Pan card

  • 3 copies of passport-size photos

Pencil tracing of engine chassis number is implemented to record the chassis number against the registration number. The officials will inspect the car and inform you of the registration number. The car owners can take the registration certificate (RC) on the day as announced by the officials. The total process usually takes up to 5 working days.


For non-commercial vehicles (two-wheelers and cars), the RC is valid for 15 years after the date of first registration and must be renewed every five years. For transport vehicles (goods, passengers carriers, etc.), the RC is valid until the fitness certificate is invalid.

FAQs on Car Registration in MP (Madhya Pradesh)

Is it compulsory to get a vehicle registered in Madhya Pradesh?

Of course, getting a vehicle registered is mandatory across the country. As per the fourth chapter of the Indian Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, the usage of an unregistered vehicle on a public place is illegal and hence, a criminal offence.

Do I need to register my vehicle again in case I move from one state to another for a few months?

An owner of a car can use his vehicle in any state in which the car is not registered for a period of 12 months. After this period, he needs to get the vehicle re-registered in the state he has been living in.

How to apply for a VIP number for a car in Madhya Pradesh?

In a bid to make the process of allotting VIP numbers transparent than before, the Madhya Pradesh government has now come up with an online system to allocate fancy car numbers through a process of auction. The bidders need to register online to participate in the auction and then can place bids. The winning bidder gets to use the fancy car registration In MP. Above is a detailed guide on how to implement the permanent car registration in Madhya Pradesh (MP). We hope that this would help you register your car in MP, which is considered to be a difficult activity by most people in a faster and easier way.

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