Delhi Government Incentivises Buying Electric Vehicles, Tata EVs Get Cheaper

by Chandrutpal Kashyap | 12/02/2021
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Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world. In a bid to have a cleaner environment, the Delhi government has announced heavy incentives on EVs to lure more customers into buying them. Full story below.

As the Earth’s temperature keeps on increasing every year due to global warming, more questions are raised on the internal combustion engine cars. To ensure personal mobility as well as keeping the planet safe, electric is the future whether purists like it or not. To fast track the shift to electric vehicles, several countries around the world are backing electric vehicles. Another factor is the finite resources of oil that the Earth holds, and it will run out sooner rather than later with fuel prices also reaching new heights. For India, Delhi is leading the charge to the electrification of personal mobility.


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Delhi Government Incentivises Buying Electric Vehicles With Heavy Discounts On Tata EVs

The Delhi government has announced incentives up to Rs 3.02 lakhs on buying a Tata Nexon EV or Tigor EV to make more citizens buy EVs. Delhi is one of the most polluted cities in the world, and reducing the number of internal combustion-engined vehicles will reduce a considerable amount of pollutants added daily. Recently, the Tata Nexon EV completed its first year of being on sale in India and is currently the highest-selling EV in India, comfortably ahead of its closest rivals, the Hyundai Kona and the MG ZS EV.

The discount comes as a part of a new campaign initiated by the Delhi government called ‘Switch Delhi’, which is aimed at increasing the sales of EVs in Delhi. When you purchase a Nexon or Tigor EV, the Delhi government is offering an applicable purchase incentive of INR 1.5 lakhs coupled with an exemption in road tax and registration fees from INR 1.21 lakhs all the way up to INR 1.5 lakhs, depending on the EV and the variant you opt for.


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Speaking about this new campaign, the Chief Minister of Delhi, Shri Arvind Kejriwal said, “In ‘Switch Delhi’ campaign, awareness will be created about benefits of electric vehicles and how it can contribute in making Delhi clean and pollution-free. I appeal to people to take part in the campaign to promote the replacement of polluting petrol and diesel vehicles with electric vehicles and make a contribution towards a pollution-free Delhi.”

The Tata Nexon EV is the cheapest electric vehicle you can buy in India with prices starting from Rs 13.99 lakh, ex-showroom. With the newest tariffs and discounts from the Delhi government, you’re buying a Nexon EV at an effective price of around Rs 11 lakh.

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