Mclaren P1 Hypercar Successor Will Arrive By 2024

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 15/04/2020
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The successor of McLaren P1 is internally codenamed Son of P1 and is expected to arrive by 2024.

In the world of hypercars Mclaren is a renowned name. The brand has produced some of the most exciting cars in the past like the F1, P1, P1 GTR, and M6Gt. The carmaker has recently unveiled the 765LT, which is the long-tail version of the 720S. However, it is all set to come up with another iconic hypercar, which will be the successor to the P1. This P1 successor will be unveiled in the year 2024, as confirmed by the head of Mclaren’s road car division, Mr. Mike Flewitt.


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Mclaren P1 Hypercar Successor Will Arrive By 2024

The Mclaren P1 successor will be the first Mclaren product to feature hybrid AWD.

The P1 successor is internally codenamed as “Son of P1”. It will the next product to join Mclaren’s Ultimate Series of hypercars, which has recently seen the addition of Elva and Speedtail. Mike also confirmed that the P1 successor will use electric power as well. That said, it won’t be a fully-electric car like the Lotus Evija or the Rimac C_Two. Mclaren has been on the toes to test and develop electric powertrain for other sportscars in their lineup. But the fully electric powertrain for the Ultimate Series of hypercars will only be ready after the second half of this decade. The biggest challenge for developing an all-electric powertrain for the hypercars is the charging time.

"I like EVs. I’ve driven them a lot lately and for regular use, they’re responsive, refined and have incredible performance. But the charging times are really restrictive.”

Mike Flewitt, Head Road Car Division, Mclaren.

Therefore, the Son of P1 will take a similar route as the Porsche 918 Spyder. the Spyder uses two electric motors at the front axle and a V-8 petrol engine at the rear axle. This layout is also known as hybrid AWD. It used by other carmakers in their flagship performance cars. Mercedes-Benz has used this layout on the One and Koenigsegg on the Gemera. However, the Gemera uses it in a reversed fashion. It gets a 3-pot petrol mill on the front axle and powerful electric motors on the rear.


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Mclaren P1 Hypercar Successor Will Arrive By 2024

Mclaren P1 uses a combination of electric motors and a V-8 engine to reach a top speed of 349 kmph.

However, this would not be the first time that Mclaren will use a combination of IC engine and electric motors. The P1 uses this amalgamation with a turbocharged V-8 and electric motors. The engine and motors together belt out 903 HP, which is sent to rear wheels only. Thereby, the Son of P1 will be the first from the brand to feature a hybrid AWD layout. It is expected to come with a V6 engine powering the rear wheels and electric motors powering the front ones with a combined power output of more than 1500 HP.

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