Suzuki Swift Sport & Suzuki Jimny not to be Introduced to India

by Mohammed Burman | 22/08/2018
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A new report by Zigwheels affirmed that Maruti Suzuki India has no plan for releasing either the Suzuki Swift Sport or Suzuki Jimny, which makes many customers disappointed.

Although it is widely rumoured that the latest version of Suzuki Jimny and Suzuki Swift Sport will soon appear in Indian auto market, it has been confirmed by a new report by Zigwheels that Maruti Suzuki India has no intention of releasing either. The new Jinny was expected to become a lifestyle product while the new Swift Sport was anticipated to become one of the most performance-efficient hatchbacks in India.

 As regards the Jimny, the reason behind this disappointing decision is that the call for a small three-door SUV is very low. The Jimny is a sporting vehicle and not likely to become popular with average Indian customers. At present, some popular lifestyle vehicles such as the Mahindra Thar and its competitor reached a very low figure of only under 1000 units.

Suzuki Jimny dark from back to front

The Jimny will not be released due to the low demand

Launching the Suzuki Swift Sport in the Indian auto market would be exorbitant due to its 1.4-litre Boosterjet engine. Plus, the GST on its imports is very high, leading to the very high ex-showroom price. The demand for pricy hatchbacks from non-luxury car brands is very low. Maruti also does not intend to launch any models which would remove the locally made ones which are doing quite well such as the Polo GT, Baleno RS and Punto Abarth. These are the driving force for the company’s decision not to release the Swift Sport in India.

Suzuki Swift Sport yellow color from front to back

Maruti India will not launch Suzuki Swift Sport due to its high price

Some of the current models’ safety features will be updated by Maruti to fulfil the forthcoming safety requirements. From April 2020, it is mandatory that cars meet BSVI emission standards. By October 2019, all cars for sale in India will have to be equipped with

  • Anti-lock braking system

  • Seatbelt reminder

  • Dual front airbags

  • Reverse parking sensors

It is necessary that Maruti should improve its existing models rather than focusing on niche segments. 

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