Maruti S-Presso Vs Maruti Wagon R - Design, Specifications And Prices Comparison

by Mohammed Burman | 17/09/2019
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This article is going to provide you with a detailed Maruti S-Presso vs Maruti Wagon R comparison as regards their design, specifications and prices.

The Maruti S-Presso, which has attracted quite a lot of attention recently, is expected to be launched in India on September 30, 2019. While not much has been revealed about this new hatchback, the spy shots have disclosed some important information about it.

In the meanwhile, having undergone two generations in India, the Maruti Wagon R is a popular hatchback and has been appearing in India’s best-selling car list for quite some time. The third-gen Wagon R has been developed specifically for the conditions in India and the auto customers’ demands.

If you are considering buying one of these vehicles, this article will be of great use to you since it is going to offer a detailed Maruti S-Presso Vs Maruti Wagon R comparison regarding their design, specifications and prices. Read on to discover and choose the more suitable hatchback for yourself.

Maruti S-Presso Vs Maruti Wagon R - Design


The Maruti S-Presso is known to be a hatchback with some SUV elements. In the meanwhile, being a tall-boy hatchback, the Maruti Wagon R features an upright and SUV-ish exterior design. Therefore, they bear much resemblance to each other. However, a closer look will reveal some of the key differences between the two vehicles in terms of their exterior.

The S-Presso comes with a squared-off front with a high bonnet line, which is harmonious with its SUV-inspired design. It is equipped with a polishing chrome grille. Black front and rear bumpers go in line with the body cladding which runs along the side profile of the vehicle. Other outstanding exterior features include the large front wheel arches, muscular haunches and black-out B-pillar.

2019 maruti s-presso spied side profile

Though the spy images do not reveal much about the S-Presso's exterior, its SUV-ish design can still be realized.

On the other hand, the Wagon R has a bulky and rounded-off front end with arrow-shaped headlamps, a plastic grille and a sporty chin. An elegantly sculpted shoulder line runs along the side profile. The well-proportioned wheel arches and black plaque which stretch from the C-pillar to the tailgate lend the hatchback a ‘floating roof’ look.

2019 maruti wagon-r blue front angle

The Wagon R also has an SUV-inspired appearance.

Generally, both of the cars feature a masculine SUV-ish exterior design with some unique features for each. Since the exterior design is completely a matter of personal preference, we would not give any conclusion or recommendation here. Consider everything carefully before making a decision on which car to choose. If you want to try something new, choose the S-Presso; if you do not want to risk and have more trust in the model which has created a certain amount of prestige, the Wagon R is a safer choice.

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Maruti S-Presso Vs Maruti Wagon R Interior Comparison

Interior features

While few spy images of the Maruti S-Presso interior are available, its cabin is expected to feature a dark-grey paint scheme. On the other hand, the Wagon R comes with a dual-tone black-and-beige colour scheme.

Some of the outstanding interior features of the former will include a 7.0-inch SmartPlay Studio touchscreen infotainment unit which supports Android Auto and Apple Carplay connectivity. This setup is also packed on the Wagon R as well. Other highlights of the S-Presso will consist of a centrally mounted instrument cluster and black coloured door handles in the low-spec variants. The higher-spec variants will come with chrome inserts in the centre console and door handles.

2019 maruti s-presso interior spied

While not many spy images of the Maruti S-Presso interior are available, it is expected to be equipped with some top-notch features.

The Maruti Wagon R gets a new instrument cluster with an integrated digital tachometer on higher variants. Furthermore, it is also well-known as a highly practical hatchback with a number of storage spaces for the occupants to store their personal things.

2019 maruti wagon r interior

The Maruti Wagon R is a greatly practical hatchback with numerous storage spaces inside its cabin.

Safety features

The S-Presso is expected to be equipped with a driver airbag (two front airbags on the higher-spec variant), ABS with EBD, etc. as standard features. Likewise, the Wagon R also comes with a driver airbag, ABS with EBD and rear parking sensors across all of its variants while two front airbags, front seatbelts with load limiters and pretensioners are provided on the top-spec variants. These help the two cars fully comply with the upcoming safety standards and ensure both the driver and the passengers a safe journey.

In this comparison, the Maruti S-Presso and the Maruti Wagon R level with each other with no clear winner. If you prefer an SUV with a black cabin mounted with chrome elements on some of its features, choose the former. On the other hand, if you are looking for a practical hatchback, the latter is the better option.

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Maruti S-Presso Vs Maruti Wagon R - Specifications


Exterior dimensions


 Maruti S-Presso

Maruti Wagon R



 3,565 mm

 3,665 mm

 - 100 mm


 1,520 mm

 1,620 mm

 - 100 mm


 1,564 mm

 1,675 mm

 - 111 mm


 2,380 mm

 2,435 mm

 - 55 mm

 Ground Clearance

 180 mm

 165 mm

 15 mm

 Kerb weight

 805 kg

 Not available


Almost all the exterior dimensions of the Maruti S-Presso are dwarfed by the latter. It is not surprising since the S-Presso, actually, can be considered a Micro-SUV because of its small dimensions, which are even smaller than a hatchback. In the meanwhile, the Wagon R is known as a tall-boy hatchback whose dimensions can be compared with those of a crossover. The only dimension in which the S-Presso exceeds the Wagon R is the ground clearance. 

The kerb weight of the S-Presso remains to be unknown, but we are quite sure that it will be quite light, even lighter than that of the Maruti Wagon R. Both of the vehicles are supported by the strong yet light Heartect platform of Suzuki, which contributes to their lightweight. Furthermore, since Maruti Suzuki will focus on the fuel mileage for the upcoming compact SUV, it is going to keep the S-Presso as light as possible.

Interior dimensions

While the Maruti WagonR has a 5-seater layout, the S-Presso is only a 4-seater vehicle. While the boot space of the latter is unavailable, it is expected to be smaller than that of its counterpart.



 Maruti S-Presso (expected)

 Maruti Wagon R

 Engine types

 1.0L petrol

 1.0L petrol

 1.2L petrol

 Max Power

 68 PS

 68 PS

 83 PS

 Peak torque

 90 Nm

 90 Nm

 90 Nm


 5-speed MT/AMT

 5-speed MT/AMT

 5-speed MT/AMT

 Fuel Mileage

 Not available

 22.5 kmpl/ 30.54 kmpl (CNG)

20.52 kmpl

The Maruti S-Presso is expected to share the 1.0-litre gasoline burner which can generate 68 PS against 90 Nm with the Maruti Wagon R. The transmission duties will be undertaken by a 5-speed MT and an optional AMT on higher-spec trims.

For the first time, the tall-boy hatch-back is powered by a 1.2-litre 4-cyl gasoline burner which is also available in the Ignis and can generate 83 PS against 90 Nm. This engine is also coupled with 5-speed MT/AMT gearboxes. Maruti Suzuki can also equip the 1.2-litre petrol motor and a CNG unit on its upcoming S-Presso later.

2019 maruti wagon-r blue front angle in action

The Maruti Wagon R is powered by two petrol engines: a 1.0-litre unit with a CNG option and a 1.2-litre one, which is likely to be introduced on the S-Presso at a later date.

While the fuel mileage figures of the S-Presso has not been revealed yet, they are expected to be more decent than that of the Wagon R.

Maruti S-Presso Vs Maruti Wagon R - Prices

While the Maruti S-Presso prices range from INR 3.5 lakh to INR 4.7 lakh, the Maruti Wagon R is priced at a higher range, from INR 4.34 lakh to INR 5.91 lakh (all prices are ex-showroom, New Delhi). With the wide variety of the features that the S-Presso offers, it proves to be a good value-for-money car in the Indian auto market. However, with the addition of the 1.2-litre gasoline and the CNG unit in the future, its price is expected to get a slight hike at these points.



 Maruti S-Presso

 INR 3.5 lakh to INR 4.7 lakh

 Maruti Wagon R

 INR 4.34 lakh - INR 5.91 lakh

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Maruti S-Presso Vs Maruti Wagon R - Verdict

Overall, while both of the Maruti S-Presso and the Maruti Wagon R have an SUV-ish appearance, the two cars have their own identity as regards the exterior design. The two hatchbacks level with each other as regards its interior features. In terms of engine and transmission, both of the cars are powered by a 1.0-litre gasoline motor; however, the auto customers might have to wait a certain period of time until the S-Presso comes with a 1.2-litre petrol motor and a CNG unit like its counterpart.

Above is a detailed Maruti S-Presso vs Maruti Wagon R comparison as regards their design, specifications and prices. Hope that this will help you choose the more suitable vehicle for yourself.

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