Toyota Glanza Vs Maruti Baleno Comparison: What are the differences?

by Harish Kumar | 14/06/2019
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The Toyota Glanza has been on sale in India for more than a week. It is the rebadged version of the Baleno but still, many don’t have a brief idea of which is the better between the two. Read our Toyota Glanza Vs Maruti Baleno Comparison to get to know about the differences between the two models.

Coming under the Toyota and Suzuki’s partnership, the Toyota Glanza is basically a re-engineered badged version of the Maruti Baleno premium hatchback. Last week, the Toyota Glanza was officially introduced in our market at the prices starting from Rs 7.22 Lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). People are really curious about the extent to which the Japanese carmaker would embed its “personality” to the shared model. However, to everyone’s disappointment, the Toyota Glanza looks almost identical to the model that it’s based on. All that has been changed to set it apart from the Baleno is a new grille, new name and Toyota badges in place of the Suzuki logo. So for such things, why should we choose the Toyota Glanza when there’s already one? What are the differences between the two? Read our Toyota Glanza Vs Maruti Baleno Comparison to get to know about the differences between the two models. 

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Toyota Glanza Vs Maruti Baleno Comparison of Specs

As we’ve just stated above that the Glanza and Baleno bear a striking similarity in terms of styling designs except for some minor updates. They’re both essentially the same, from the length, width, height, wheelbases to the same 339 litres of the boot lid. Even they share a similar layout on the inside, barring the Toyota’s badge mounted on the steering. Therefore, let us go straight into the engines and variants comparison which points out the major difference between two cars.

Maruti Baleno- Engine Specs
 Engine Type  1.2-litre K12B Petrol 1.2-litre DualJet K12C Petrol 1.3-litre Diesel
 Max Power  83 HP  90 HP  74 HP
 Max Torque  113 Nm  113 Nm  190 Nm
 Transmission  5-speed MT, CVT  5-speed MT  5-speed MT
 Fuel Mileage  21.01kpl (MT)/19.56kpl (CVT)/23.87kpl (SHVS)  27.39 kmpl

While the Maruti Baleno is available with both petrol and diesel engine options which make a range of variants with variable price points, the Toyota Glanza gets petrol engine options available with two trims only. As you’ve already known, the Toyota Glanza was launched with G and V trims which are equivalently based on the Baleno Zeta and Alpha counterparts. So, both the Glanza G and V have borrowed the same features from the corresponding variants of the Baleno sibling.

maruti baleno blue front three quarters left side

To speak more specifically, the Toyota Glanza is available with a total of four variants, namely G MT, V MT, G CVT and V CVT. The new Glanza employs two engine options- a 1.2-litre K12N motor that is supported by a mild-hybrid system (for the G MT variant), along with a 1.2-litre K12M mill sans the mild-hybrid tech (for all three other variants). The former comes to produce 90 BHP of max power and 113 Nm of peak torque while the latter churns out approximately 7 BHP less than the earlier version.

 Toyota Glanza- Engine Specs
 Engine Type  1.2-litre K12N Petrol with Smart Hybrid  1.2-litre K12M Petrol
 Max Power  90 HP  83 HP
 Max Torque  113 Nm  113 Nm
 Transmission  5-speed MT  5-speed CVT
 Fuel Mileage  21.01kpl (MT)/19.56kpl (CVT)/23.87kpl (SHVS)

Another important thing is that the Maruti Baleno offers a diesel engine option which has been given a miss on the new Toyota Glanza. However, one should keep in mind that, the absence of a diesel motor won’t likely to impact the Glanza, to say the least since Baleno’s overall sales figures are tilted in favour of the petrol by a huge margin. In other words, more than 80 per cent of the Baleno sales is petrol, not to mention Maruti Suzuki’s plan to discontinue all diesel engines before BSVI’s rollout.

toyota glanza red front angle

On the other hand, for those caring much about the fuel economy, the Toyota Glanza’s fuel mileage figures stand at 23.87 kmpl for the manual G variant (Smart Hybrid), 21.01 kmpl for the V MT and 19.56 kmpl for the CVT variants, which are standing on par with those of the Baleno.

Toyota Glanza Vs Maruti Baleno Comparison of Connectivity Features

Toyota Glanza retains the same dashboard layout from its Baleno counterpart, albeit being rebranded as “Smart Platcast”. It utilizes a 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment system available with voice commands as well as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, in which the two latter features weren’t appearing on any India-spec Toyota models at that time. However, the Baleno still towers over the Glanza when it comes to the dedicated SmartPlay Studio Smartphone application.

toyota glanza smart playcast

You know, Maruti Suzuki launched the premium Baleno with a smartphone app dubbed “Suzuki Connect” which offers a range of advanced functionalities such as real-time vehicle tracking, geo-fencing, fuel efficiency indicator, driver behaviour, GPS navigation, trip details among others.

In comparison, the newly-launched Toyota Glanza offers “Toyota Connect” smartphone app from which users can get access to navigation, 24/7 concierge service, roadside assistance and a dealer locator only. Interestingly, Toyota offers a 12-month free trial for its Toyota Connect services whereas the “Suzuki Connect” commands an extra amount of Rs 10,000 for a 3-year subscription, but it is far more value for the money considering the features it has on offer.

Toyota Glanza Vs Maruti Baleno Comparison of Prices and Warranty

 Maruti Baleno Prices   Toyota Glanza Prices Difference
 Sigma Petrol  Rs 5.58 Lakh      
 Delta Petrol  Rs 6.36 Lakh      
 Zeta Petrol  Rs 6.97 Lakh      
 Delta Petrol Smart Hybrid  Rs 7.25 Lakh      
 Alpha Petrol  Rs 7.58 Lakh  V Petrol Manual  Rs 7.58 Lakh  
 Delta Petrol Automatic  Rs 7.68 Lakh      
 Zeta Petrol Smart Hybrid  Rs 7.86 Lakh  G Petrol Manual Smart Hybrid  Rs 7.21 Lakh  Rs 65,000
 Zeta Petrol Automatic  Rs 8.29 Lakh  G Petrol Automatic  Rs 8.29 Lakh  
 Alpha Petrol Automatic  Rs 8.90 Lakh  V Petrol Automatic  Rs 8.90 Lakh  

To everyone’s surprise, the Japanese manufacturer introduced the Glanza with quite a competitive price bracket. Although the Glanza V MT, G MT and CVT are priced exactly the same as the equivalent Baleno variants, the G MT still undercuts the Zeta (Smart Hybrid) by almost Rs 65,000. That said, the Glanza G MT is priced significantly lower than the equivalent Zeta variant while the features are completely the same.

maruti baleno blue front angle

Prices of the Maruti Baleno range from Rs 5.58 Lakh for the base Sigma petrol variant to Rs 8.90 Lakh for the top-spec Alpha CVT that would provide flexibility for the customers’ choices. Prices of the Toyota Glanza, on the other hand, stand between Rs 7.22 Lakh and Rs 8.90 Lakh (ex-showroom) but its variants are feature-rich. Thus, there is basically no real base trim or mid-spec model available across the Glanza’s lineup.

Furthermore, the Toyota Glanza also endears itself with more attractive warranty packages, from the standard to the extended ones. The Toyota-badged hatchback offers a standard 3-year/ 1,00,000 km warranty that is in sync with other Toyota models in the market. In comparison, the Baleno provides a 2-year/ 40,000 km warranty as standard which is shorter than what the Glanza gets to offer. Overall, it’s in this part of the competition that the Toyota Glanza turns out to be a better deal compared to the donor Baleno hatchback.

toyota glanza red front angle

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With a “tastier” warranty scheme and attractive price front, the new Glanza appears to have a competitive edge over the Baleno, especially when considering the fact that it offers sufficient key features with the option of mild-hybrid tech as well as the equal fuel mileages as seen on the donor model.

Toyota has already confirmed that it attempts to offer different buying and aftersales services for the Glanza’s buyers so it remains to see how Japanese company keeps its words. Recently, Maruti Suzuki has offered discounts of Rs 40,000 for the Baleno across its NEXA outlets during the month of June to stay competitive amongst the competition.

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