Top Best Car Tyre Brands in India

by Harish Kumar | 14/11/2020
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Here, IndianAuto lists out the best car tyre brands in India including MRF, Bridgestone, Micheline among others.

You may not know that the tyre market is tremendous in India. From April to December 2019, the number of tyres manufactured in India was 13.65 crore units, including tyres for motorcycles, scooters, passenger vehicles, three-wheelers, light commercial vehicles, trucks and buses. Here we list out the most popular tyre companies in India. Check out the best car tyre brands in India below.

1. MRF Ltd

When it comes to the sales, the Madras Rubber Factory or MRF Limited is the country’s largest-selling tyre company in India. First began its operation in 1946 in Chennai, MRF is a famous Indian tyre brand that is known for producing grippy and affordable tyres for both two-wheelers and four-wheelers vehicles in India. MRF tyres get a price range of Rs 1,900 onwards.

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What we like about MRF tyres:

  • MRF Ltd is one of the most trusted tyre companies in India
  • It is a long-serving tyre brand that has been around for decades and managed to establish itself both in domestic and international tyre markets
  • MRF offers a wide range of good quality to the demands of many different manufacturers products that cater


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2. Bridgestone Tyres

Bridgestone Tyres is the world’s leading tyre manufacturer that began its first inning in Japan. Over the years, Bridgestone has witnessed a significant development that makes it a multinational organization today. Bridgestone is responsible for manufacturing tyres for Formula One, Sportscar and Motor Vehicle. It is also producing automotive components along with some industrial products among others. The price range of Bridgestone tyres is from Rs 4,000 onwards

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What we like about Bridgestone tyres

  • Bridgestone is certainly one of the best tyre brands in India and in the world, be it the leader in tyre manufacturing and production
  • Bridgestone produces decent quality tyres that are suitable for all kinds of automobile vehicles
  • It offers gazillions of different type of tyres

3. CEAT Tyres

CEAT Tyres was first established in Mumbai, Maharashtra in 1958 and becomes one of the most successful tyre brands in India and in the global market. Being an Indian tyre manufacturing company that is owned by the RPG Group, CEAT produces more than 15 million units of tyres every year, thereby meeting the demands of a wide range of segments in the automotive industry. CEAT Tyres provides top-of-the-range radials for LCVs, cars, motorcycles, scooters, buses, auto-rickshaws, heavy-duty trucks, tractors, trailers, forklifts and even earthmovers. CEAT tyres get a starting price point of Rs 1,000.


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What we like about CEAT Tyres:

  • Popular among the Indian market for a long time now
  • One of the most valuable Indian tyre brands in India
  • Offering a sheer good number of tyres for different types of automobiles

4. Michelin Tyres

If you are an avid car and bike nut, there’s no reason you don’t know Michelin Tyres. Michelin is actually the second-largest tyre manufacturing company in the world, after Bridgestone. The France-based tyre manufacturer was established in 1998 and has been dominating the radial, pneurail and removable tyres market for a long period now. Currently, Michelin has been supplying tyres to the auto giants like Audi, Volkswagen, Ford and Toyota. It also provides tyres for bicycle and two-wheeler makers.

best car tyre brands in India - michelin tyres

The price range of Michelin Tyres starts from Rs 2,000.

What we like about Michelin Tyres

  • Michelin is the second-largest tyre brand in the world and among the top tyre manufacturers in India
  • It brings out a vast number of tyres and known for the best innovations in the tyre manufacturing section

5. Apollo Tyres Company

Headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, Apollo Tyres Company first started its inception in 1972. Until now, Apollo Tyres has four manufacturing units in India along with a network of 5,000 dealerships across the country. It is now ranked 17th in the list of world’s largest tyre manufacturers, thereby catering to the demands of more than 100 countries in the world.


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6. JK Tyre & Industries

Next in the list of best tyre brands in India is JK Tyre & Industries which is among the leading tyre manufacturers domestically and internationally. JK Tyre is currently ranked at 25th in the list of best tyre brands across the globe. At present, JK Tyre witnesses its presence in more than 100 countries all over six continents. The company has 9 production plants in India along with 3 others in Mexico. Providing tyres for the whole range of passenger and commercial vehicles, JK Tyre and Industries has built up a strong network of more than 4,000 dealers across India, not to mention a vast network of more than 500 dedicated brand shops to provide comprehensive solutions to the customers.

7. Continental Tyre Company

First established in 1871, Metro Tyres is among the longest-standing tyres companies that operate in India. Continental Tyres finds its origins in Germany and quickly becomes one of the most respected tyre brands in our country in particular and in the world in general. Continental Tyres offers tyres for both cars and commercial vehicles. Apart from that, it also starts its business in manufacturing other automobile components.

8. Goodyear India Ltd.

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Another large tyre company in the world, Goodyear also makes it to the list of best car tyre brands in India. Goodyer has been around in India for more than 90 years now with two major plants located in Ballabgarh and Aurangabad. Goodyear India has been supplying tyres to a lot of leading original equipment manufacturers. It also pioneers in producing tubeless radial tyres in the market. The American tyre company is now involved in producing tyres for a range of automobiles like cars, motorcycles and trucks along with aeroplanes and even heavy-duty earthmover.


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9. TVS Eurogrip Tyres

TVS has been a familiar name to the Indian auto enthusiasts and it is also one of the best tyre manufacturing companies in our country at the same time. TVS not only excels in selling products within the Indian borders, but it also scores well in the export markets. TVS Eurogrip Tyres produces tyres for two-wheelers, three-wheelers and many other vehicles. Aside from that, it also manufacturers OTR tyres, Industrial tyres or ultra-light truck tyres among more.

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