6 Toyota Cars To Arrive India in 2019: New-gen Corolla to Toyota's Baleno and Brezza

by Vivaan Khatri | 12/12/2018
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Toyota is planning on introducing a wide range of new models, from the sedans to sub-compact SUVs and hatchback. Some are born out of the awaited partnership with Maruti Suzuki. Here are details of all Toyota’s 2019 models.

Toyota is among the biggest automaker in the world. Even though in India, it doesn’t have such a wild popularity as Maruti Suzuki or Hyundai, it still gains a loyal following thanks to its reliability and strong brand names. In India, Toyota has only introduced a wide range of cars, some of which has topped on the top selling chart. In 2019, Toyota will unveil some all-new models and an updated version of the ongoing models. Here are all the details of Toyota’s 2019 production launch timeline.

1. 2019 Toyota Corolla Altis

Expected launch: Early 2019

First introduced in the Chinese market, the latest Corolla Altis is making its way to the India market in 2019.

The new Corolla Altis will take on a new platform developed by Toyota, named Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). The replacement underneath hints about some substantial changes in the way the Corolla manners and drives, and of course, its dimension. The new Corolla Altis is longer than the current version by 20mm, but it remains the same wheelbase length. Moreover, the new version of the Toyota also brings in a new exterior design, more stylish and bolder.

Besides, as some other Toyota products, the Corolla Altis is also included on the electrification scheme. It will be the next model to receive the hybrid engine. It is expected that with the new hybrid system, the Corolla Altis is able to put out 145Ps and 180Nm. Manual and automatic gearbox would be available too.

With the new updates, the Corolla Altis will strengthen its hold in the D-segment as one of the segment-leading models.

Toyota Corolla Altis 2019 red color

Toyota Corolla Altis, Toyota’s flagship car, will get updated in early 2019

2. 2019 Toyota Camry

Expected launch: Early 2019

The recent seventh-gen Camry has been discontinued, as a step toward the launch of the next-gen version. The eighth version will be revealed in early 2019. The global version of the Camry has made its debut for a while now.

Just like the Corolla Altis, the Camry will get the same TNGA platform. New platform results in a certain growth in size. The wheelbase will increase by 50mm, allowing more room for the interior.  

The new Camry will continue Toyota’s current state-of-art design style. While the previous Camry is only available with hybrid engine only, the 2019 version is going to be offered with both petrol and hybrid engine. The new 2.0-litre petrol unit could develop 167PS and 199Nm. Another petrol option includes a larger engine of the 2.5-litre engine that is good for 209PS of max power and 250Nm of peak torque. A 6-speed and 8-speed automatic gearbox are available for each engine option, respectively. Besides these pure fuel-run engines, Toyota will also continue to offer hybrid engine option, but the Camry will deploy the all-new Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II). The 2.5-litre petrol together with an electric motor could pull out the total outcome of 211PS. The E-CVT unit will take the transmission duty.

Toyota Camry will get the generation update in 2019

Toyota Camry will get the generation update in 2019

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3. Toyota C-HR

Expected launch: Mid-2019

This sub-compact SUV has been rolled out in other markets like Europe and North America in 2017, and in the middle of 2019, it will embark on the Indian market for the first time. At its launch, the Toyota C-HR will take on the likes of Hyundai Creta and Jeep Compass.

The CR-H is a looker with an impressive and aggressive design. The car takes on some trending design cues of the segment like dual-tone paint, floating roof effect.

For the India-spec version, the C-HR is given the 1.8-litre petrol engine that could churn out 97bhp and 142 Nm. What’s more, there is a good chance that this SUV will get a hybrid system just like other fellows.

Toyota C-HR silver and black dual tone

Toyota C-HR will debut in the Indian market in mid-2019

4. Toyota Prius

At 2018 LA Auto Show, Toyota has revealed the newest version of the car. It is expected to arrive the Indian market in 2019.

Toyota reworked the Prius cosmetically and mechanically. The previous version underwent with a hybrid system. The previous Prius’s quirky take is tone downed to create a premium and mature appearance.

Under the hood, Toyota Prius brings the 1.8-litre engine from its previous model but with some necessary updates, for example, the newly-added all-wheel-drive system. India-spec Prius is expected to get the AWD just like the international model.

2019 Toyota Prius silver on road

2019 Toyota Prius will bring up some new mechanical and cosmetic tweaks

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5. Toyota and Maruti Suzuki Collaboration

Expected launch: Mid-2019

One of the most looking-forward things to come in the future is the collaboration between the Maruti Suzuki and Toyota. While Toyota has an extensive expertise in electrification and making hybrid engines, Maruti Suzuki holds the secret to grasp the heart of Indian customers with various best-selling models in almost every segment. The collaboration will help them to share their knowledge and join to make incredible models. Toyota will surely benefit from the investment and partnership of Maruti in expanding their production capacity and advancing its facility.

In 2019, Toyota will introduce two models under the agreement with Maruti Suzuki, including the Toyota version of Baleno and Brezza. In return, Maruti will get their hand on making its own version of the Collora and developing its new electric WagonR with the help from Toyota.

5.1. Toyota’s Maruti Vitara Brezza

Maruti Vitara Brezza is among the top-segment compact SUV, and one of Maruti’s most popular models. Under the partnership with Maruti, Toyota is allowed to build a new SUV based on the ongoing Brezza. Toyota’s Brezza will surely use the successful formula of design from the Maruti Brezza. The Toyota’s version is expected to look identical to the Brezza while the interior will be altered.

Toyota Maruti Brezza red color front look

Maruti Brezza will go under the badge of Toyota as a part of Maruti-Toyota association

5.2. Toyota’s Maruti Baleno

If the Vitara Brezza is Maruti’s best card in the SUVs segment, the Baleno is its main product in the premium hatchback section. The Baleno will be rebadged and sold under Toyota’s dealership network. Just like the Brezza, Toyota will keep the same coat with slight change while delivering some interior addition and twist. Annually, Toyota will provide 25,000 unit of the Baleno for Suzuki. The introduction of Toyota’s Baleno is the first phase of the agreement.

Toyota Baleno red color

25,000 units of the Baleno will be altered and sold under Toyota’s dealership

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