7 Long Road Driving Tips For New Drivers

by IndianAuto Team | 02/07/2018
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Many beginners often feel scared when taking a long driving for the first time. These are the long road driving tips that can help them drive with more confidence and safety.

10 Tips For New Drivers

Prior to the experience, the new drivers should acquire some certain knowledge about driving to ensure the safety during the trip. Here are some pieces of advice that the drivers should take into consideration.

1. Do not keep too close distance to the car ahead

Driving close to the car ahead could limit your vision. It also makes it difficult to make a timely response if the car ahead suddenly stops. If you collide with the front end, you are violating the “keeping the safe distance” rule.

cars two close

Do not drive too close to the car ahead

2. Control the speed

When travelling on slippery roads or in rainy conditions, you should control the speed to avoid slipping. If you cross other vehicles in the same direction, you should firstly press the horn several times from afar.


Control the speed

3. Accelerate and decelerate at the right time

You should only speed up when driving around the lesser-populous residential areas and when you can have a clear view of the road.

car driving

Accelerate and decelerate at the right time

When entering a heavily populated area, even without the sign indicating a densely populated area , you must slow down for safety. In these places, there are usually a lot of motorbikes through the road, people around the streets and especially children are playing in the streets, which makes it incredibly difficult for you to speed up.

4. Pay attention to the car lights

With regard to car lamps, one advice for the long-distance drivers is to turn on the front and rear lights of the car from dust to dawn. This practice helps driver to observe better and avoid police calls.

Pay attention to the car lights

Pay attention to the car lights

5. Observe when entering lanes

If you want to switch the lane, it is a must to calmly observe in advance, then turn signal on to enter the lane. Also, you should know that changing the lanes constantly is not only fatigue and tense but can also lead to unexpected accidents. Therefore, it is highly recommended to enter the lane only when necessary and enter the right lane so that your car and other vehicles could easily move.

car lanes

Observe when entering lanes

6. Consider carefully before passing other vehicles

Keep driving on the right lane and do not be impatient when some taxis or other cars want to overcome. Let them take the road ahead.

Consider carefully before passing other vehicles

Consider carefully before passing other vehicles

In contrast, when you want to pass other cars you should carefully consider and thoroughly understand the traffic law to ensure the safety. After turning on the turn signal, press the horn calmly and when crossing, do not hesitate. 

7. Maintain a stable speed

In addition, a valuable experience for the beginners when driving a long distance is to maintain a stable speed. IndianAuto recommends that you should void sudden speed-up or slow-down which demands a certain mental and physical energy, it will save you from being exhausted quickly. It is hard to handle emergencies when driving at a high speed.

Maintain stable speed

Maintain a stable speed

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