5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Car From CoronaVirus

by Kshitij Rawat | 24/03/2020
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To tackle the current novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, we must take preventive measures to keep safe. Here, we teach you how to keep disinfect your car of the potential virus infection.

Covid-19, the infamous novel coronavirus, has been spreading rapidly throughout the globe. The virus has been designated ‘Pandemic’ status by the WHO (World Health Organisation). In India, the number of cases is still quite low, around 470 reported cases and 7 death counts. The situation is much worse internationally. While many of us have been taking care of the cleanliness of our homes, our cars get largely neglected. Here, we tell you how to keep your car safe and clean from the novel coronavirus.

Disinfect all surfaces

DisInfect Your Car From CoronaVirus

First and foremost, you must sanitise all the surfaces prone to touch. The door handles, the dashboard, the buck of the seat belt, steering wheel, gear lever, AC controls, etc., just like you would sanitise your hands. The best way is to take a clean cloth, spray disinfectant solution, and rub it everywhere gently. You could also use a kitchen sponge to an even better effect.

Clean the interior thoroughly

In case you have some free time (which you should during this lockdown), you can go a step further and wash your car entirely, just once. Clean your car of all the dirt, dust, mud, etc., and pay special attention to the upholstery, as it can accumulate a lot of filth overtime without showing. If you have removable seat covers, take them off and wash them gently and thoroughly. Make sure you dry the cabin by parking your car in the sun. If you cannot, then do not wash the cabin, but vacuum it instead.

AC maintenance is important

DisInfect Your Car Of CoronaVirus

Over time, your car’s AC also accumulates dirt, dust, and a potential culture of bacteria and other microbes. Since novel coronavirus attacks people with ongoing ailments and underlying health conditions, it would be wise to clean the AC as well. You can ask your service centre, or you can clean it yourself too! There are plenty of tutorials available on YouTube with detailed explanation of the process.

Drive around as less as possible

Of course, you must venture out into the open to get food and supplies, but the less you do, the safer you’ll be. That said, if you are going out, it safer to take the car instead of a motorcycle/scooter right now. In traffic, keep your windows rolled up and maintain distance from other people.

Do not pick up strangers

This one goes without saying. Social distance has to be maintained even when driving. If you pick someone up, someone who was carrying Covid-19, then you’re putting yourself and everyone you care about at risk. Also, in case you’re carrying the virus but are unaware, you’re putting other people at risk by offering others a ride. Your intentions may be good, but the results could be disastrous.

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