Future JLR Cars to Come With Anti-COVID Filter

by Jatin Chhibber | 18/03/2021
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Jaguar and Land Rover is currently working on an anti-COVID air-filtration system in collaboration with Panasonic.

Right now, Jaguar and Land Rover are working in collaboration with Panasonic to develop an all-new air filter that kills up to 97 per cent of viruses and airborne bacteria. The company’s new car filtration system will work as a face mask on the car’s HVAC unit. It will be built on Panasonic’s Nanoe X technology. Right now, it’s not clear that when this air filter could make its debut, but all the upcoming Jaguar and Land Rover products will feature this air filtration device. JLR cars like Land Rover Defender already feature Panasonic Nanoe technology as well as PM2.5 filtration.


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However, as compared to the Nanoe technology, the upcoming Nanoe X tech will be ten times more effective because it will rely on a high voltage to produce trillions of hydroxyl (OH) radicals surrounded by nano-sized water molecules. This will help to keep out the bad bacteria and viruses like COVID. All the bacteria and viruses will get neutralized as soon as they come in contact with the filtration system. Moreover, the OH radicals will also kill common allergens, but they are completely harmless to human beings. As per JLR, their system is potent enough against COVID and any other pathogen. Many of you may know that the Japanese automaker Honda has already introduced the anti-COVID system in Europe. This anti-COVID device can be purchased from the companies authorized dealership.



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The automaker claims that their anti-COVID system is capable of inhibiting almost 100 per cent of virus that passes via it. The cabin air-filter by Honda consists of four layers and is retailed as the genuine replacement part for the stock filter offered with their cars. One can expect the carmaker to offer this system in the products they offer in our market. It is likely to be offered as an additional accessory. Automakers working on such products will make the vehicle virus free and people and confidently commute from point A to point B.

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