New-gen Hyundai i20 Gets Rs 85,000 Costlier than Maruti Baleno

by Jatin Chhibber | 13/05/2021
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Hyundai has hiked the prices of the new-gen i20 for the first time. In our market, it rivals with the likes of Tata Altroz and Maruti Baleno.

Recently, the Korean automaker Hyundai has announced a price hike across its entire car lineup from this month. This price hike ranges between Rs 1,000 to Rs 34,000. This is the second time that the carmaker has increased the prices of its model offered in the Indian market this year. The automaker has hiked the prices of its vehicles because of the rising input and material costs. This is also the first time that Hyundai has increased the prices of the third-gen i20. It was launched in our market back in November 2020. The price of the all-new Hyundai i20 has been increased up to Rs 13,000 depending upon the trim. Given below is the updated price list of the car.


Hyundai i20 N Line Snapped on Test as Launch Nears



Old Pricing

New Pricing


Petrol Trims



Rs 6.80 lakh

Rs 6.85 lakh

Rs 5,000


Rs 7.60 lakh

Rs 7.69 lakh

Rs 9,000

Sports DT

Rs 7.75 lakh

Rs 7.84 lakh

Rs 9,000

Sports IVT

Rs 8.60 lakh

Rs 8.69 lakh

Rs 9,000


Rs 8.70 lakh

Rs 8.80 lakh

Rs 10,000

Sports iMT

Rs 8.80 lakh

Rs 8.81 lakh

Rs 1,000

Sports iVT DT

Rs 8.75 lakh

Rs 8.84 lakh

Rs 9,000

Asta DT

Rs 8.85 lakh

Rs 8.95 lakh

Rs 10,000

Sports iMT DT

Rs 8.95 lakh

Rs 8.96 lakh

Rs 1,000

Asta (O)

Rs 9.20 lakh

Rs 9.33 lakh

Rs 13,000

Asta (O) DT

Rs 9.35 lakh

Rs 9.48 lakh

Rs 13,000

Asta iVT

Rs 9.70 lakh

Rs 9.80 lakh

Rs 10,000

Asta iMT

Rs 9.90 lakh

Rs 9.91 lakh

Rs 1,000

Asta iVT DT

Rs 9.85 lakh

Rs 9.95 lakh

Rs 10,000

Asta iMT DT

Rs 10.05 lakh

Rs 10.06 lakh

Rs 1,000

Asta DCT

Rs 10.67 lakh

Rs 10.68 lakh

Rs 1,000


Rs 10.82 lakh

Rs 10.83 lakh

Rs 1,000

Asta (O) DCT

Rs 11.18 lakh

Rs 11.19 lakh

Rs 1,000

Asta (O) DCT DT

Rs 11.33 lakh

Rs 11.34 lakh

Rs 1,000

Diesel Trims



Rs 8.20 lakh

Rs 8.21 lakh

Rs 1,000


Rs 9.00 lakh

Rs 9.01 lakh

Rs 1,000

Sportz DT

Rs 9.15 lakh

Rs 9.16 lakh

Rs 1,000


Rs 10.60 lakh

Rs 10.61 lakh

Rs 1,000

Asta(O) DT

Rs 10.75 lakh

Rs 10.76 lakh

Rs 1,000

One can see that the petrol Asta (O) variant is the most affected trim with a price hike of Rs 13,000. The least impacted variant is the top-spec Asta and Asta (O) petrol DCT model of the car, which has seen a price increase of Rs 1,000. The lower-spec petrol variant of the premium hatchback has seen a greater price increase than the top-spec model of the car. The prices of all the diesel modes have been hiked up to Rs 1,000.

The new-gen Hyundai i20 is an expensive hatchback as the top-end Asta (O) variant carries a price tag of Rs 11.34 lakh (ex-showroom, Delhi). In the Indian market, it is offered in four different trim levels namely- Magna, Sportz, Asta and Asta (O). It comes loaded with all the bells and whistles like a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment unit with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, air purifier, a digital instrument cluster, wireless charging pad, Bose sound system, ambient lighting and much more.

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