Owner Modified Toyota Fortuner To Dance, Earning Rs 25k Per Performance

by Mohammed Burman | 24/11/2018
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Kamal Kashmiri, a rallies and weddings’ entertainer has modified his Toyota Fortuner SUV to make it jump on its front wheels non-stop.
Today, Kamal Kashmiri has become a famous person who has also received numerous calls from people with videos receiving thousands of views and, thanks to his creative work. He realized that his car started to dance once he applied breaks, then he came up with the idea of making it a dancing car, which originates from his interests in cars and entertaining people.

At first, his family disapproved of this plan due to the exorbitant price to modify the car, now they are glad that the car helps him earn quite a lot money as well as doing a good job of entertaining people. It also makes itself and its owner popular across the Delhi-National Capital Region (NCR), especially in weddings and other important events. Now, the dancing car is so famous that he even had to hire a guard to protect himself and his car from the crowd.

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Which equipment did Kamal Kashmiri install on the Toyota Fortuner?

He had invested Rs 7-8 lakh in modifying his car and made it dance joyfully on the front wheels. He had installed the new alloy wheels, novel tyres from Dubai, a winch crane in case the car is stuck in snow and an electric guitar, etc. The sound system, which is essential to the dancing car, includes 8 speakers, 6 amplifiers, 5 Rockford Woofers, and 9 outer loudspeakers. What’s more, a bespoke bumper, a light system and an extra jack have also been added. Some of these items such as the alloy wheels, the bumpers are unique and antique have to be imported. Thanks to the vehicle, the clientage which helped Kamal Kashmiri modify the car has also expanded, which led to an increase in the sales as well as services.

Toyota Fortuner dancing SUV

Kamal Kashmiri has invested Rs 7 - 8 lakh in modifying his Fortuner

How can the Toyota Fortuner dance?

Kamal Kashmiri attached hydraulics to the front suspension. The driver controls the hydraulics through a pump. The suspension can compress and decompress, thanks to the pump which can be activated and deactivated, making the SUV front wheels dance. The loud music from the car is emitted from the loudspeakers, which gives the audience a feeling that the vehicle is dancing to the beat.

This technology has appeared a long time ago and is a popular feature among ‘hopping’ American vintage cars. Drivers in the USA also adopt this tech to raise the ground clearance to avoid obstacles when going off-road. This Toyota Fortuner is not the only vehicle that can dance; there are reports that two Mahindra vehicles have also had the abilities to dance as well.  

Dancing Toyota Fortuner beside the owner

Now, Kamal kashmirri has become famous, thanks to his creative car

Image source: RushLane 

Kamal Kashmiri had spent all his savings in this dancing car and now he earns about 25/performance. Each month, if everything goes well, he can have up to 20-25 working days. The car is so popular that many couples have decided to delay their wedding to wait for the car to be available. With such a creative car, it is expected that Kamal Kashmiri would succeed in his new career and earn more in comparison with his previous job.

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