No More Drunk-Driving Tests, Courtesy Coronavirus Outbreak

by Harish Kumar | 18/03/2020
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For fear of further spreading coronavirus among the public, traffic police in Maharashtra have been instructed to suspend using a breath-analyser apparatus for drunk-driving tests.

Disclaimer - In this article, we are only talking about of breath analyser tests, the Traffic Police will still use new ways of testing drivers in an inebriated state. We highly advice against driving a motor vehicle in a drunken state.

It is obvious that the usage of breath-analyser drunk-driving tests brings not only police personnel in danger of being infected by the novel coronavirus, but also the ones being tested. Recently, a circular issued by Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), Maharashtra Highway Police on Monday has instructed that all police personnel should stop using the breath analysers for their drunk-driving tests from now on in a bid to help contain the coronavirus spread. The circular was jot up in view of the rising numbers of coronavirus-confirmed cases that have surged recently in the state of Maharashtra.

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The fact that putting an apparatus in the mouths of drivers to check for their alcohol consumption is easily the fastest way of spreading the virus from the infected to others, including the police personnel. As a result, we also feel that it is a good idea forthe  police to stop using this method as a precautionary measure. However, these type of tests will resume once the situation has been contained and a vaccice is available.

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This also does not mean that the traffic police will halt the regular checking of vehicles. On the contrary, according to some statistics conducted by the Home Ministry, drunk driving cases in India have witnessed a substantial decrease in the last few years. This comes as a result of full-scale efforts of traffic police in curbing drunk-driving.

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The number of reported cases in 2015 were 18,000 and that number has gone down to 11,700 by 2018. However, the number of violations and accidents are still on a steep rise, so it is necessary for traffic police to continue regular checks of road users.

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Until now, Maharashtra is the state that has recorded the highest number of COVID-19 positive cases in India with the total now up to 42. In fact, the state has emerged as an epicentre of the novel coronavirus outbreak in India. Therefore, in a bid to keep a track of the situation in the state effectively and efficiently, the Maharashtra Police and all its residents need to take drastic precautionary measures to keep the dreaded virus at bay. Public quarantine facilities have been set up to prevent COVID-19 infected patients from leaving their premises.

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Being a major hub of automobile production, the Coronavirus outbreak is also taking a toll on the automobile industry. It has impacted the sales and productions of automakers like JLR and led to the cancellation of many auto shows. Auto companies are taking a host of actions to prevent the spread of the coronavirus as well. For example, Hyundai India has implemented measures like mandatory verbal greetings instead of shaking hands, screening staff with thermal sensors and more.

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