Shortest Highways In India

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 14/01/2020
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Highways are a long stretch of roads, but ever thought what are the shortest highways in India? Here's all list of all of them.

Highways are the long stretch of tarmac that are meant to trim down the duration of travel when trying to reach from one city to another. Not just that, highways are the backbone of a country’s transportation system. With almost 1.5 lakh km of length vastly distributed around the country as highways, India has some of the longest highways across the world, however, we also have some of the shortest highways of the world too. These length of widespread 4 or 6 lane tarmac are so short that they can be covered on foot by taking a walk. Exciting, isn’t it? So what are the shortest highways in India we have around us? Here’s a list of all the shortest highways in India.

Shortest Highways In India

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1.  National Highway 966B - 8 km

Shortest Highways In India-NH-966B/47A

National Highway 966B is the second shortest highway in India. With a length of just 8 kilometres, it connects the town of Kundannoor in Kochi with Willingdon Island in Kerala. Willingdon Island is a man-made island in Kochi and to connect the island with the nearest national highway, which is the NH-66, National Highway Authority of India built the NH-966B. However, when built, it was named as NH-47A, but it is now renamed as NH-966B.

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2. National Highway 118 - 17 km

Shortest Highways In India-NH-118

In the state of Jharkhand, NH-118 connects the city of Jamshedpur and Asanbani making it one of the shortest highways in Indian built by National Highway Authority of India. NH-118 covers the stretch between the two cities with a length of just 17 km. Earlier NH-118 was part of the NH-32, but being a spur road of NH-18, it has now been renumbered as NH-118.

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3. National Highway 348 - 28 km

Shortest Highways In India-NH-348

National 348 is also on our list of shortest highways in India with a length of just 28 km in total. It is a spur road of National Highway 48 and connects Palaspe with Jawaharlal Nehru Port in the state of Maharashtra. This is an auxiliary extension to national highway 48 and was built to ease out the road connectivity with the Jawaharlal Nehru Port, which is located south-west to the state’s capital.

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4. National Highway 548 - 5 km

Shortest Highways In India-NH-548

The list of shortest highways in India would not look complete if it does not include the shortest highway of India, which is the national highway 548, commonly termed as NH-548. This is an auxiliary route of national highway 48 and connects Kalamboli on one end and NH-348 on the other. It is the shortest national highway of the country with a length of just 5 kilometres. Located in the state of Maharashtra, it was built by the government regulatory body National Highway Authority of India.

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