Which Are The Best Car Vacuum Cleaners in India?

by Mohammed Burman | 15/05/2020
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You are having a headache looking for a good car vacuum cleaner in India. Do not worry since this article is going to provide you with a list of best car vacuum cleaners in India

We have tested quite a few vacuum cleaners and have finally ended up with this list of these ones based on their power specifications, attachments, build quality, cord length and price. Below is a list of five best vacuum cleaners in India. Read on to discover.

Bergmann Supersonic Vacuum Cleaner

One of the unique selling points of Bergmann Supersonic is a 3-stage filter which helps clean every small dust particle. All the filters can be washed easily. It gets a power cord which measures 4.5 metres in length and can reach the car boot. Being a good-looking product, it comes with a powerful motor which can clean the smallest particles even the 3-4 mm ones. Furthermore, this cleaner gets two extensions which help it touch tough spots. A bag to store all the equipment and an additional fuse for car adaptor are also available as well. Generally, it is a great product which will surely come up to your expectations. All of these features help it deserve to be listed as one of the best car vacuum cleaners in India.

bergmann supersonic


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Black & Decker ACV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner

The next in the list of the best vacuum cleaners in India is Black & Decker ACV1205 Car Vacuum Cleaner. With a 12.5 watt motor which can efficiently eliminate almost all the dirt inside the car, this cleaner is specifically designed for your car cleaning requirements. The package consists of short and long Crevice tools, Fabric brush, Pouch and Carpet brush accessories. This vacuum cleaner comes with a dual-action filtration system which helps improve the performance and lengthen the lifespan of the vacuum cleaner.

black decker acv1205 car vacuum cleaner

Using this vacuum cleaner, it takes around 15-20 minutes to clean a medium-sized car. The cable is long enough to reach the rear seat row. The cleaner can operate for 15 minutes without getting hot. Thanks to its small size, the vacuum cleaner requires only a small space inside the car. Having said that, there is still room for improvement. It would be much better if the cable could be detached from the main unit and there was a larger bag to contain all the accessories.

RNG Eko Green RNG-2001 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner has an operating power of 150 Watts. It comes with both Wet and Dry application to absorb spilt liquid in the interior. The cable measures up to 5 metres in length, which allows the cleaner to reach any corners of the car. It also includes a Brush connector and Extension Mouth to get rid of any dust. You can also easily remove the filter to wash it. The vacuum cleaner and all the accessories can be kept in an organized manner in a handful Storage Bag. Instead of a plastic fan, this cleaner uses a metal one for enhanced performance. With little noise when operating and an affordable price, this deserves to be listed in the lít of the best vacuum cleaners in India. Nevertheless, it still has some minus aspects. For example, the extension cannot help the cleaner reach some spaces such as the narrow gaps between the seats.

rnk eko green rng 2001 handheld vacuum cleaner


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ResQTech RSQ-CV101 Vacuum Cleaner

ResQTech RSQ-CV101 supports both wet and dry use to clean the sand, cigarette ash, pet hair and even water inside the car. It has a light weight and an extra long wire for easy usage. Coming with a genuine 2-year warranty, it can pick up all the dirt from the seat floor. Nevertheless, it gets only one attachment and a brush; the suction power could have been a little bit better. Generally, the fashionable design, performance and quality make it a real value for its price, thereby becoming one of the best car vacuums in India.

resqtech rsq cv101

IGRID 4000pa Vacuum Cleaner

IGRID car vacuum cleaner has a unique suction capability which provides full suction even with a full dust compartment. The handle is ergonomically designed for easy handling and more effective usage. Equipped with washable high-quality HEPA filters, this vacuum can easily deal with cigarette butts, peel, leaves, paper, dust and pet hair, helping you have a healthy and clean environment. Furthermore, since it is a bagless vacuum cleaner, the dust bag does not need to be replaced. Before making a purchasing decision, you should take the warranty into consideration. The warranty is just six months, which means that it would take you about INR 500 - INR 600 to replace the motor after the warranty expires. Having said that, this vacuum cleaner still deserves to be included in our list of the best car vacuum cleaners in India, thanks to its desirable features like a bagless design.

igrid 4000pa vacuum cleaner


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Frequently asked questions about car vacuum cleaners

What are the main types of car vacuum cleaners?

Two main types of car vacuum cleaners are available in the Indian auto market: Corded ones and cordless ones.

How often should my car be cleaned?

You are recommended to vacuum your car twice a month.

Can car vacuum cleaners be used for house cleaning?

Since house vacuum cleaners receive its power from AC supply while car vacuum cleaners source the power from DC supply, you can use a car vacuum cleaner for your house only after sourcing the conversion of the car vacuum cleaner,

Can house vacuum cleaners be used for car cleaning?

A house vacuum cleaner can be used to vacuum the car as long as the suction power is provided but the former cannot reach the small points that the latter can do.

Can all car vacuum cleaners clean the wet surfaces?

Only the ones marked with “Wet and Dry” can do this.

Above is a list of five best car vacuum cleaners in India along with some FAQs and answers about car vacuum cleaners. Hope that this article can help you understand car vacuum cleaners more and choose the most suitable one for yourself.

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