What To Know When Parking At India Gate and Near Gateway of India

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 11/10/2019
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Having a hard time finding a bike or a car Parking At India Gate and Near Gateway of India? Here's a list of options available around these places.

Is Parking Available at Gateway of India?

The ever-growing traffic in India has resulted in a parking menace over time. The situations are, however, perplexing in the metropolitan cities of the country. The private car parking is an issue that been resolved by the new-age high-rise building with multilevel car parking. But, parking a car at any public place is still a task. Since most public places or famous monuments in and around the metro cities lack a parking place that is sufficient to fulfil the parking needs of the visitors. Same is the situation of Parking at India Gate in Delhi and near Gateway of India.

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India Gate is located right in front of the Raisena Hills and has a lot of viable parking options around it.

With 31,72,842 cars in Delhi, the space for parking at India Gate is almost non-existent. There’s just one dedicated open parking space around the Amar Jawan Jyoti that can hardly accommodate a 100 cars. So what’s the other way around? Here is a list of other free/paid parking places near the India Gate now.

Car Parking Places at India Gate Delhi

  • Hyderabad house. The nearest parking at India Gate is outside Hyderabad house. It is open, unmanned, free, and is the only parking spot at the India Gate circle.

  • Bikaner House at Pandora road. It also has a similar parking spot as the Hyderabad House. It is at a walk-able distance from the monument, 750-meters to be precise.

  • NDMC parking at Pandora road. This parking space is right next to the Bikaner House. It is a manned space and the parking charges for a car here are on an hourly basis. An hour’s use costs rupees 30. It is a 12-15 minute long walk from the parking to the India gate.

  • High Court parking. The Delhi High Court has a multilevel car parking that has been recently announced as a paid service for the India Gate visitors. The parking is quite big and always has vacant parking spaces. The parking charges here are nominal 30 rupees per hour. However, it is free for advocates. If someone is considerate about his/her four-wheeled possession, this is the place to park.

  • Man Singh. The road also has one open public parking. It can be a tough job to locate this space if you don’t have a rough idea about where it exactly is. To reach the spot, one should follow the Ashoka road from the India Gate circle and take the diversion on left to come on Man Singh road to reach the parking space. This facility is just 500 meters away from the architecture and is a 10-minute walk through the Rajpath.

These are a few spaces for parking near India Gate. Other facilities for parking can also be used, but they aren’t as close to the monument as these. If one is in no mood to take a walk to the India Gate, then parking the car at a nearby picnic spot and taking a cab can also be a viable option. As the car parking of Purana Quila, National Zoological Park, or Mughal Garden are mostly vacant and are at an approachable distance from the India Gate.

As the parking near India Gate is a bit messed up to avoid traffic congestion. The situation is similar to another gate of India, situated in the city of dreams, Mumbai. The Gateway of India is Mumbai is a similar attraction for the crowd. The parking spaces around the monument are in plenty. But, all these car parks are a walk away from this magnificent crowd puller. However, to make things easier, we have listed down a few spots for parking near Gateway of India. It will give you an idea about where you need to pull up when visiting the place.

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Gateway of India is situated in the poshest localities of the city, the parking options are a little far from this place, but are in plenty.

Car Parking Near Gateway of India, Mumbai;

  • Regal Pay and Park; this parking space is a dedicated car parking for the Regal cinemas on SP Maharaj Chowk but can be used if someone is looking for car parking near Gateway of India. As the distance between the two is just a few steps over 400 meters, and 10 mins walk is all it takes to cover that. Space here is paid, but well secured. And it is the closest parking facility around the architecture.

  • Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg. There’s also a free parking space at the Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg and is a good parking space near the Gateway of India. This facility is located just 750 meters away from the crowd-puller and is a walkable affair for the fit young souls, while an auto-rickshaw ride would set one back by 30-40 rupees for one trip.

  • Mahatma Gandhi Road. Pay and Park at Mahatma Gandhi Road is one of the similar setups as the free parking on Shaheed Bhagat Singh Road, apart from being paid. Being a paid amenity it naturally comes with an advantage of vacant spots almost all the times. As most visitors prefer parking their vehicles for free. The Spot is some 800 meters away from the headstone.

  • Churchgate, Colaba, and Fort. There are a few designated spaces assigned for the crowd visiting the Gateway of India in the localities of Churchgate, Colaba, and Fort. These can be used for free on weekends and public holidays. For the remaining days in the calendar, the charges range from 15 rupees to 60 rupees according to the hour based usage.

The facilities listed above are the closest parking near Gateway of India. There are also a few places that are at a distance of under 2 km or so. These can be used as a parking spot to park the car during the rush hours and use Mumbai’s infamous rickshaw (Bajaj RE auto-rickshaw) from there to reach the spot. The MGCM Pay and Park at Jamnalal Bajaj Road, NCPA parking at Vinayak Shah Marg, and Mantralaya parking at Churchgate are a few examples of such parking amenities. They are around 2kms away from the sepulcher making them inaccessible on foot. By a taxi or an auto-rickshaw, these parking spots are a better deal in comparison to those situated near the Gateway of India, as finding a vacant space for your car won't be a tough job. As everyone prefers to park their cars right next to the destination they are driving to.

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The parking scene is getting messed with increasing number of cars on road by every passing day, and to fight these issue authorities are regularly upgrading the parking facilites around the city.

Parking charges at India Gate

Car Parking Places Parking Fare 
 NDMC parking  Rs.30 per hour
 High Court parking  Rs.30 per hour
 Shaheed Bhagat Singh Marg  Free
Localities of Churchgate, Colaba, and Fort  Rs.15 - Rs.60
(Free on weekends and public holidays)

The car parking at India Gate in Delhi and near Gateway of India were never even this far from the actual monuments. The ones listed above are the nearest parking places available as of now and are also bigger than the previous car parks. The situation used to be a little different in earlier days, as the visitors could park their cars right next to these civil attractions. But with the increased footfall a larger space was required and invited a shift to bigger parking facilities at some distance.

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