Safest Cars In India Under 10 Lakhs

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 30/10/2019
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Ever thought what are the safest cars under 10 lakh rupees? The list includes popular models like the Tata Nexon, Maruti Vitara Brezza, Honda Amaze and more

Cars are considered as one of the safest means of transport in comparison to other available out there in the market. To rate their safety quotient ‘Global NCAP’, an international charity institution has taken the charge to do so in support of the UN. Thus cars are rated for safety according to their Global NCAP safety ratings. The institution was established 40 years ago from today, but it is from 2014 that they have started testing the cars manufactured in India. Till date, almost 30 cars have been tested from the Indian market. The series of tests were part of a programme wherein the authorities transferred their focus on the Indian market. Initial tests brought in the poor structural safety of the products that were on sale in India. With this initiation and interest in the safety from the Indian manufacturers and the consumers, the cars have now started to become safer. How safer? The older cars could clock only 2 or 3 stars, the new cars have started to score 4 or 5 with ease. So to let you folks know about what are the safest cars in India under 10 lakh rupees available in the market, we’ve prepared a list, and here it is.

1. Tata Nexon (5-Star Safety Rating) 

Price: From Rs. 6.58 lakhs

Safest Cars In India Under 10 Lakhs Tata Nexon

First on our list of safest cars in India under 10 lakhs is the compact indigenous SUV, Tata Nexon. It has received a complete 5 stars rating. In the first attempt, the car received just 4 stars, since it failed at the side-impact tests. After this Tata updated all the variants of the compact SUV with front seat belt reminders and could pass the UN-95 side impact protection test, and scored complete 5 stars.

Global NCAP's first five-star car in India: the Tata Nexon | Global NCAP

It is how the SUV became the first Indian car to score a 5-star crash test rating. The car has brought the laurels of the manufacturer by getting rated as ‘stable’ for its shell integrity. Nexon offers standard fitment of ABS with EBD, dual front airbags, and Isofix child seat mounts. Prices for the car start at Rs. 6.58 lakhs (Ex-Delhi) and thus coming up as one affordable and safe car for the Indian car buyers.

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2. Tata Zest (4-Star Safety Rating)

Price: From Rs 5.82 Lakhs

Tata Zest

Tata Zest is another car from the manufacturer to join the list of safest cars in India under 10 lakhs. During the initial attempts it could not score any stars at all but the manufacturer was allowed for a second attempt. With another attempt provided the manufacturer tried its best and launched an upgraded version of the car to score 4 stars on the adult safety standard. The child occupancy, however, remained at just 2 stars. The Zest was an important car for the Tata since it was the first product to be designed under Tata’s Impact design language. However, the car has turned old for the Indian market now but if still considerate about buying one, the prices for the car start at Rs 5.82 Lakhs.

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3. Mahindra Marazzo (4-Star Safety Rating)

Price: From Rs 10.18 Lakhs

Safest Cars In India Under 10 Lakhs Mahindra Marazzo

The first MPV from the country to score 4-star rating and our list of safest cars in India under 10 lakhs is Mahindra Marazzo. This Pininfarina designed MPV has scored better than other MPV which participated in the test. Before Marazzo, Chevrolet Enjoy and Renault Lodgy participated in the test and failed miserably with just zero stars. The MPV scored 4 stars for the safety of adult occupants and 2 stars for child safety constraints. It comes equipped with ASB with EBD, dual front airbags with seat-belt reminders and Isofix seat mounts as standard on all variants. This beautifully designed safe MPV is however not as expensive as it sounds, it starts at just mere 10.18 Lakhs (Ex-Delhi).

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4. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza (4-Star Safety Rating)

Price: From Rs. 7.24 lakhs

Safest Cars In India Under 10 Lakhs Vitara Brezza

Expecting a car from Maruti Suzuki to join the list of safest cars in India under 10 lakhs was not on our minds either. But Vitara Brezza turned our thoughts around, as it managed to score 4 stars for adult occupants and 2 stars for child safety rating. For scoring 2 stars for child safety can be backed up by the reason that the car’s ISOFIX anchors didn’t imply with the standards mentioned by Global NCAP. The safe and sturdy built Maruti car got some serious love from the buyers and turned out to be the segment leader from the manufacturer. The prices for diesel-only Vitara Brezza starts at just Rs. 7.24 lakhs.

Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza achieves impressive four stars | Global NCAP

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5. Toyota Etios Liva (4-Star Safety Rating)

Price: From Rs 5.67 lakhs

Safest Cars In India Under 10 Lakhs Etios Liva

The first hatchback to join the list here is a small car from Toyota. The Etios Liva failed to impress the buyers in the Indian Automobile context, but the car managed to score well at the Global NCAP crash test. With a commendable 4-star for adult safety rating and 2 stars for child occupancy, the Liva turned out to be a safe offering from the Japanese manufacturer. With a kit that included ABS and dual front airbags as standard, back when the car was launched, the Liva is priced at Rs 5.67 lakhs.

6. Volkswagen Polo (4-Star Safety Rating)

Price: From Rs 5.82 lakhs

Safest Cars In India Under 10 Lakhs Volkswagen Polo

The German hatch was a part of the first few cars to be tested by the Global NCAP institution. At its very first attempt without any airbags on offer, the Volkswagen Polo scored zero stars. With a variant that adorned dual front airbags, the car could score 4 stars on adult safety. However, both the cars scored 3 stars on the child protection front. The initial versions of the car didn’t come with ABS and airbags as standard, but now the car comes with dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, and ISOFIX child seat anchors as standard. The higher GT variant also gets advanced features like traction control, Esc, rear parking sensors, and hill start assist. As for now, the car retails at Rs 5.82 lakhs only.

Volkswagen Polo (2018 India) CRASH TEST | ICAP

7. Honda Amaze (4-Star Safety Rating)

Price: From Rs 5.95 Lakhs

Safest Cars In India Under 10 Lakhs Honda Amaze

The Honda Amaze is the last car on our list of safest cars in India under 10 lakhs. This sub-4-metre sedan is also sold in a few African markets. The car was tested for Global NCAP safety rating and it could score a deserving 4-star rating for adult safety but perform poorly on the child safety front. The car starts at Rs 5.95 Lakhs with ABS, dual front airbags and seat belt reminders with ISOFIX anchors as standard.

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