Buying Car In Post-COVID Era: Should You or Shouldn’t You?

by Vivaan Khatri | 20/06/2020
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In the post-COVID era, public transport is no longer a safe choice and now, more people intend to buy private cars.

The coronavirus outbreak has changed the world as we know it. Never before did your generation understand the impact of changes and feel the sheer sense of uncertainty. People lost jobs, businesses shut down and for the worst, people died.  All of these dooming prospects make us rethink about the safety of ourselves and that of our families.

bus and bikes plying on road

Demand for private cars is increasing after the post-COVID era

One of the biggest challenges in the post-COVID world is how we commute. Public transport is a common way of commuting for a million people across the globe. However, after the COVID outbreak, everyone is getting more conscious about the risk of sharing space, especially in these public vehicles. This concern has resulted in the rising demand for private vehicles. In such circumstances, more and more people are turning away from public transportation and wanting to have their own vehicles for commuting for the sake of their safety.


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Before the automotive world reopened, leading experts of the car industry suggested that the market might see a considerable surge in demand in the post-lockdown period. As it turns out, this prediction holds true after the lockdown relaxation. According to some reports, the demand for private cars has substantially increased by 41%. Along with private cars, other vehicles like bikes or scooters also see an increase in sales. In the meanwhile, the number of users of public transportation is decreasing and a portion of the regular public transport user has chosen using private vehicles over public transport means. As per the release research, the number of potential car buyers has increased by 53 per cent.

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Owing to private cars is getting easier these days thanks to car brands' incentives 

Being aware of the public concern, many car manufacturer are offering contactless services and online buying platform, which can minimalize the risk of spreading disease. These incentives have ruled out concerns for safety and offered a convenient and effortless buying experience.

Along with the enhanced safety measurements applied by car brands, there are also a host of attractive discounts offered in the post-lockdown era. Maruti Suzuki, for example, is offering a variety of discounts across its entry-level car range which are expected to attract people in the budget car segment. These enticing offers will make it easier for one to own a car with a small budget.


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Despite these attractive discounts, owning a new car might still be beyond the ability of some people with a limited budget. It is worth to take into consideration the fact that people’s income and budget has been reduced due to the extended lockdown. If you have a small budget, buying a used car is a recommended solution. In the used car market, you can find a good car with a surprisingly affordable price. A used car can start from as low as under 1 lakh. This price range allows people with a limited budget to afford to own a private car. Currently, IndianAuto is offering a wide range of used cars in different price ranges and if owning a new car is not viable for you, IndianAuto will help you find out a suitable used car option.

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