GeDee Car Museum - A Drive Through Time

by Mohammed Burman | 12/12/2018
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Cars are great conversation starters. We can talk about them all day with even a stranger. And a visit to something like the GeDee Car Museum in Coimbatore is sure to enhance your knowledge of cars to new levels.

Such is the charisma of this museum, which doesn’t just display cars with great history but also lets you know about their background and the impact of them in the automobile industry. Most of the cars here tell a story and we guarantee you will be intrigued.

GeDee Car Museum is the result of one man’s dream for enlightenment to understand how does an automobile work. G.D. Naidu, a famous Indian inventor and engineer, was also a collector of automobiles, not to display his wealth but to learn their mechanisms. It is this thirst for knowledge that brought in more cars and the collection grew. His son, G.D. Gopal, is the man who made his father’s vision a reality and the museum is now spread across 20,000 sq ft with over 55 cars on display.

GeDee Car Museum people talking in front of pictures

The GeDee Car Museum was established to educate people about automobiles

The museum is not just about displaying classic cars but also to educate the visitors about the evolution of automobile. From the reinvention of the wheel to the first motor car to our own Tata Nano, the GeDee Car Museum takes us through the transformation of the automobile industry. Apart from the neat display of the cars, the wide range of cars takes us by a pleasant surprise. We are welcomed by a working replica of 1886 Benz Motorwagen, followed by Ford Model T the first mass-produced car, Volkswagen Beetle, Morris Cowley, Morris 8 Series, Austin Seven Ruby, Rolls-Royce 20, BMW Isetta 250, Chevrolet AE Independence, Oldsmobile Dynamic 60, Plymouth Plaza and much more. The museum is also the home for the country’s only Hispano Suiza H6B, an Italian beauty from the 1920s.



antique cars in GeeDee Car Museum

The museum houses a collection of antique cars


Hispano Suiza H6B close up

The Hispano Suiza H6B is one representative of the classic car collection in the museum

The collection is not limited to these vintage cars. Cars like BMW 5 Series E28, Porsche Boxster 986, SMART Fortwo, Mazda RX8 also justify their place in the collection with the technological innovations each of them brought. While most of the cars were collected by G.D.Naidu and Mr. G.D. Gopal, there are also cars that were given as gifts to be put on display.

modern classic cars in the GeeDee Car Museum

The museum is also the destination for a list of modern classic cars

Almost all of the cars in the museum are drivable, as the museum has its own restoration shop. They are currently working on restoring a Peugeot 203 and a Lloyd Alexander. Apart from maintaining their own cars, GeDee Car Museum and will even make you one. An 1886 Benz Motorwagen or a Ford Model T can be yours if you have deep pockets. The museum will also grow in size as the expansion work is already in progress to accumulate more cars that are being restored.

replica of 1886 Benz Motorwagen

Visiting the museum, you stand a good chance of owning a real model of the 1886 Benz Motorwagen 

And if you didn’t believe the story of how an Indian Maharaja, after being insulted by the salesman of a Rolls-Royce showroom in London, bought all the cars in the showroom and used them for transporting and collecting garbage, better start believing. It is stories like these and much more that make the GeDee Museum stand out from other such museums. Every famous car museum represents one brand’s transformation and its history. At the GeDee Car Museum, you get to be a part of every automobile brand that made an impact.

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