Modified Mahindra Bolero with Built-in Toilet: Perfect for a Long Trip?

by Vivaan Khatri | 11/10/2020
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Modified Mahindra Bolero comes with convenient toilet on the back of the car. The built-in toilet can be a good solution for long road journeys, especially in Indian where lacks clean washroom along highway and roads.

Long road trips always bring in anxiety for us. There are many things to prepare and plan ahead, from the emergency kit, route planning, snacks and entertaining measures. Even when it appears that we have everything in place, there are still variations which we cannot have a full of control of. One of the biggest concerns is to find a clean toilet during the long road trip. However, with this modified Mahindra Bolero, it will no longer worry for commuters when going on a long journey. This SUV is modified with built-in toilet which can come to use every time you feel the urge to.


The modified Mahindra Bolero is developed by Kerala-based Ojes Automobiles. The car custom garage is well-known for various car mods and has worked for celebrities like Mammootty, Prithviraj and more in modifying their fancy cars. Moreover, Ojes has past experience with building coachwork and caravan customization.


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Ojes Automobiles have installed a vacuum toilet which is usually used on the aeroplanes. In order to adopt the new toilet, the third row of the SUV was removed and the toilet seat was placed sideways. Notably, the toilet room is fully functional with faucets, soaps and sanitizers so you can wash your hand properly. One of the key points of a built-in toilet is how to manage the water. The water is stored in two tanks. One tank is used for supplying fresh water while the other is used for storing wastewater. Made of GRP coated aluminium, the water tank is expected to last for years. Along with that, the SUV also employs a 12V electrical system which sources power from the car battery.

/mahindra bolero built-in toilet

Especially, this Mahindra Bolero, in particular, is modified without reforming the structure of the vehicle. Thanks to the high roof of 40 inches, the Ojes Automobiles can accommodate a fully-function toilet seat. Interesting, the car mod is removable if needed. It is estimated to cost around Rs 65,000. The same toilet system was previously used on caravan owned by Mammootty and Prithviraj.


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Since the car mod does not require any reform of the vehicle structure, the Mahindra Bolero looks unchanged from the outside. For the privacy, the rear window glass is covered by opaque curtains. The dry toilet can be used as an alternative to this traditional water toilet. However, the downside of this type of toilet is that it requires set-up and could not be used immediately.

This stand-out car mod which offers a smart solution for long journeys has instantly gained recognition. For drivers who travel a long road on a regular basis, this could be a worth-considering option.

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