Custom Mahindra XUV500 Looks Impressive with Rooftop Tent

by Harish Kumar | 24/11/2020
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How about going camping in a car with a tent on the roof? This custom Mahindra XUV500 turns out an impressive camping car with a rooftop tent. Check it out!

The Mahindra XUV500 has been a long-standing utility vehicle in the Indian market. Although the sales of the XUV500 have been taken a toll due to the new SUVs, one never forget that the XUV500 was actually a game-changing vehicle that did take the market by storm with its sheer values seven years back. With such popularity, the Mahindra XUV500 easily becomes a popular car in the modification circles. While we’ve seen a lot of tastefully modified XUV500 models, here’s the first-ever XUV500 customised with a rooftop tent, making it the most impressive camper car ever!


All-New Mahindra XUV500 Spotted on High-Speed Test Run

Uploaded on a Youtube Channel named Explore The Unseen 2.0, this video shows us the entire process of fitting a rooftop tent to the XUV500. Except for the huge box on the roof, the whole SUV remains in stock condition.

The rooftop tent was put on the car without too much effort. The vlogger starts with getting the straps on the roof done. There’s a small ladder kitted out to the base of the tent that enables the vlogger to get into and out of it. While the ladder can manage up to 150 kilos of weight at a time, the base of the tent should be sturdy enough to handle the weight as well. Once done with the above, the only thing he has to do is to set up the custom window shades which features a flap to prevent the mosquitos or keep the wind away. As such, this rooftop tent now becomes a perfect mobile home for the campers. It is so spacious that can accommodate up to three or four adults on the inside.

Mahindra xuv500 rooftop tent image


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However, when installing such a tent on the vehicle, one should keep in mind that it could be illegal under the regulations of your local RTO. In some certain regions in India, installing a roof carrier in a car should be approved by the RTO by having it included in the Registration Certificate (RC), all the ways to make it a legal drive. Otherwise, one could receive penalties for having a tent or roof carrier installed on top of your vehicle.

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