Everything You Should Know About Parking Charges In Chennai Airport

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 11/10/2019
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Worried about what are the Parking Charges In Chennai Airport for cars, two-wheelers and bus? Here's all about it that you need to know!

Parking Facility In Chennai Airport

The Chennai International Airport has the fourth busiest airstrip of the country after New Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. On the account of international traffic, it is the third busiest air hub of the country followed by New Delhi and Mumbai. The Chennai airport handles a shade over 30,000 passengers and 500 aircraft movements every day. Situated 21 kilometres in the south-west direction from the centre of Chennai city, the airport is accessible by road from all parts of the city. And, if driving down to the airport is your decision, you surely need parking at the airport. The Chennai airport has abundant parking space with a capacity to offer parking space to as many as 1500 vehicles. What's even better is that the parking charges in Chennai airport are far from being stratospheric. Indianauto will present to you the updated information right below.   

parking places in Chennai airport

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Car Parking Rates in Chennai Airport – 4-Wheeler (Private Vehicle)

The authorities at the airport allow the cars to halt at the airport to drop or pick up the passengers without any fees. As earlier, it used to be Rs. 140 if the vehicle did not leave the premises in and under 10 minutes, but now there’s no such restriction. However, there’s a clause to tow away the vehicle, if it is parked at the terminal or is causing congestion for no considerable reason. The fine to be paid to retrieve the vehicle back is high, so it is better to park the vehicle at the designated parking.

There are two different types of parking options available at the Chennai airport aiding users with the leverage to opt for the premium parking or the regular parking area. The car parking rates in Chennai airport for the premium parking of a private vehicle are Rs. 150 for the initial 2 hours, after which an increment of 20 rupees is charged. But, if the vehicle is parked for more than 7 hours then a sum of Rs. 450 is charged which will be applicable for a duration of 24 hours.

 Time Period Car Parking Fees in Chennai Airport
 First 2 hours  Rs. 150
 Every subsequent hour after 2 hours  Rs. 20 per hour (Max. Rs. 100)
 For 24 hours Rs. 450 

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The premium parking amount aren’t much of a premium over the parking fees of regular parking. But, if one finds it unworthy of the price you pay, regular parking is anyways an option, a cheaper one indeed. For the initial two hours, the car parking price are just Rs. 100, after which it follows the same suit of an increment of Rs. 20 for every hour. And in any case, the vehicle is parked for more than 7 hours a sum of Rs. 300 will be paid for a duration of 24 hours.

Time Period  Parking Fees 
 For initial 2 hours  Rs. 100
 Every subsequent hour after 2 hours  Rs. 20 per hour (Max. Rs. 100) 
 For 24 hours  Rs. 300
 Monthly pass  Rs. 3500

The private 4-wheelers can also opt for a monthly parking pass. The price for a monthly pass of a vehicle is Rs. 3500 only.

Coach/Buses Parking Rates in Chennai Airport

The commercial vehicles which are the mobile cabs and taxis are not allowed to be parked at the airport terminal but can halt there for free to pick up and drop the passengers. This is only applicable to the AAI authorize car rentals and the Aviation Express cars. The other commercial vehicles will have to pay a fee of Rs. 40 to use the parking if they wish to halt for more than 10 minutes.

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The coaches or buses can also be parked at the Chennai International Airport and can be done so either at the premium parking or at the regular one. The parking prices for the regular one are Rs. 110, and the hourly increment of Rs. 20 is added if the vehicle uses the parking for up to 7 hours. After 7 hours, the user will have to pay the fare for a complete 24 hours. The 24-hour parking ticket for the regular parking costs Rs. 330.

Time Period  Parking Costs
 For initial 2 hours  Rs. 110
 Every subsequent hour after 2 hours  Rs. 20 per hour (Max. Rs. 100)
 For 24 hours  Rs. 330

Coaches or buses can also use premium parking. The costs for the premium parking are higher but worth the service provided. The initial 2-hour rate for a bus in the premium parking is Rs. 350 and then for any hours over it Rs. 20 is required for every hour. However, if the vehicle stays for more than 7 hours, then a fare of Rs. 1050 is charged for complete 24 hours.

Time Period  Parking Fees
 For initial 2 hours  Rs. 350
 Every subsequent hour after 2 hours  Rs. 20 per hour (Max. Rs. 100)
 For 24 hours  Rs. 1050

parking facility at chennai airport

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2-Wheeler Parking Prices in Chennai Airport 

The Chennai International Airport offers dedicated parking space for the 2-wheelers. The prices aren’t also exorbitant like on the Delhi’s airport terminal. The parking fee for 2-wheeler is mere Rs. 25 for the first 2 hours, and then Rs. 10 is required over every extra hour. If the vehicle exceeds a stay of 7 hours, then a fee of 24 hours is a must. The Parking fare for 24 hours is fixed at Rs. 75. Although, the 2-wheeler owners can also get a monthly pass for their vehicle by paying just Rs. 500 for a month.

Time Period  Parking Fare
 For initial 2 hours  Rs. 25
 Every subsequent hour after 2 hours  Rs. 10 per hour (Max. Rs. 50) 
 For 24 hours  Rs. 75
 Monthly pass  Rs. 500

Since the airport is well connected with public transport through a metro station and a railway station at the airport, accessibility isn't bound to just the means of the road transport system. The added benefit of these stations is their parking can be used to avoid the higher parking fares of the airport parking. The metro stations and railway stations offer parking spots at cheaper rates in comparison to the expensive airport car parks. So, above are the parking costs in Chennai Airport for cars, two-wheeler and buses. 

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