The First Black Tata Harrier Has Just Appeared Online [Video]

by Mohammed Burman | 22/05/2019
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The Tata Harrier has been well-known for its great modification capabilities, which reflect in the wide range of customized versions we have shown you earlier. Now, it, for the first time, has got a black colour shade

Launched earlier this year, the Tata Harrier has recorded a great sales number, which is thanks to its robust design, wide range of features and aggressive pricing. Despite the fiercely competitive Indian SUV segment, the SUV has far exceeded the popularity of its direct rivals, like the Jeep Compass and the Mahindra XUV500, to become the current dominator in the segment.

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The 7-seat version, the automatic, the petrol and the AWD version of the vehicle will soon be introduced in the Indian auto market. However, there is no confirmation from the home-grown auto manufacturer about the black paint scheme option for the Harrier SUV. Therefore, no wonder one Harrier owner has chosen to further enhance the SUV’s appearance by modifying it with a black cover. Let’s have a quick look at a video which features the customized Tata Harrier inside out before going into details.

This is the first Tata Harrier in India to receive a back paint scheme.

As seen in the video, the SUV looks more aggressive and robust with this exterior black satin wrap. The Harrier is the first vehicle to be based on the Tata’s IMPACT 2.0 design philosophy with the reverse split headlamps and LED DRLs. All of these, along with the stock 5-spoke alloy wheels, now receive a black treatment, which contributes to the menacing appearance of the SUV. The interior has also wrapped in black covering, which helps it match the exterior well. The total cost of the modification job is approximately INR 50,000.

modified tata harrier black from all sides

The Tata Harrier looks agressive in this all-black colour.

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The Tata Harrier is currently available with five colours: Orcus White, Telesto Grey, Thermisto Gold, Ariel Silver, Calisto Copper, among which Telesto Grey, each of which has its own beauty when covering the Harrier. However, this customized Harrier, with an all-black paint scheme, is sure to be outstanding from the other vehicles on the roads and catch everyone’s attention. This also suggests an effective way of modifying vehicles, which is to give it a new look by doing a wrap job. This is completely legal and makes it easy for anyone to remove the wrapping to resume the original paint scheme.

As regards the Tata Harrier’s mechanical specifications, it keeps under its hood a Fiat-sourced 2.0-litre KRYOTEC motor which is borrowed from the Jeep Compass. Nevertheless, the motor on the Harrier has been adjusted to produce a maximum power of 38 bhp and a peak torque of 350 Nm. This engine is mated to a 6-speed MT unit.

What do you think about this customized Tata Harrier? Let us know in the comment section below.

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