The Most Questionable Car Modifications In The History

by IndianAuto Team | 26/12/2018
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Car modifications are a way to express your style and personality, but in some cases, the customisation makes the car sheer questionable.

Here is the truth: the moment you choose to purchase a car and decide to call it yours, you love it despite its shortcomings. Some people may treat their cars like they are just another means of transportation, while some others consider their beloved four-wheelers as an extended part of themselves. The latter kind would love to customise the cars to their own tastes and tweak a little bit here and there to make the cars a statement of personality and style. While it is great that one wants to express oneself through his or her own vehicle, sometimes, the modifications just go too far. Let’s check out some of the weirdest car modifications below and tell us which one you think is the worst of them all. Or if you have seen any weirder modifications, let us know in the comment section below.

1. Fur-rari

In 2013, the people in London had a strange day when they saw an expensive Ferrari 599 covered in black velvety fur. A lot of passers-by were extremely curious and wanted to know whether the black thing on the car was fur, so they stroked it. Surprisingly, the fur did not cost that much to make. It was estimated that the furry bodywork only took USD 7500 (Rs 5.4 lakhs). While the black fur was questionable at best and ugly at worst, it definitely made the Ferrari more of a head-turner.

black velvet Fur-rari

The black velvet Fur-rari was seen on London streets and it certainly attracted a lot of attention

2. Fluffy car for the cold days

Interesting enough, there are quite a few fluffy cars out there. Though some of them are made by people living in extremely cold areas such as Siberia, all of them make us wonder who in their right minds would make such a modification.

The four-wheelers can be covered in fuzz inside or outside, depending on the style and preference of the owners. While the inside fur may leave you thinking that “Well, the driver may get cold easily and the fur provides great insulation.”, the cars that are fluffy on the outside, practically speaking, serve almost nothing else but as a dust and dirt-trapper.

fluffy animal-like car

Fluffy cars

Fluffy cars come in many shapes and sizes, but they all have one thing in common: super dust attractor

3. Low rider

Weird as it may sound, some people worry that the bottom of their car is too far away from the ground and decide to lower the body. And this seemingly ridiculous thing actually was a trend not long ago.

These low riders have their body panels a few millimetres off the ground, and the bottom would be seriously damaged if the car goes over a small stone, pothole, or bumps on the street. Just imagine how the driver tries to make his low rider climb up the curb to park his car; it would be a serious battle.

low rider

How is this low rider ever going to pass a bump?

4. Swimming pool car

A couple of friends who are also avid car lovers from Los Angeles create a car that also doubles a hot tub. The original car was a vintage 1969 Cadillac Coupe DeVille and the boys got it for merely USD 800 (approximately Rs 57,000). After buying the car, the two friends spent almost six years to complete this unique car and was determined to make the fastest-running hot tub in the world. The V8 engine was kept the same as the original Cadillac and it is used to maintain the temperature of the water. To keep the swimmers/passengers safe, a watertight steering system was installed. Even though this car may seem like a cool idea, driving in the public with little to no clothes is definitely something that not many people are willing to do.

swimming pool car

This hot (tub) wheel was made for those who want to be naked in the public

5. Identity crisis kind of car

One classic case of identity-crisis car is: some car owners have a Toyota and they dream of having a Ferrari so they stick the Ferrari logo on the Toyota, but we all know from one glance that the car is a Toyota. But we are not here to discuss that boring kind of identity change. Many car owners actually break down and patch together different parts of various cars, and make a can’t-be-more-DIY vehicle. We for sure will not know what is going on through the car owner’s mind, but one thing we can all agree on is that it does look very special.

3 cars in one

Is this a limousine, a pickup, 3 cars, or 1 car?

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