Toyota Fortuner Diesel and Chevrolet Cruze Drag Race

by Vivaan Khatri | 02/02/2021
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Toyota Fortuner is known as a competent SUV with a powerful diesel engine. However, could it help the full-size SUV to win a much lighter sedan in a drag race?

Toyota Fortuner is the top-selling vehicle in the full-size SUV space. Currently, in its second generation, the Fortuner still remains its appeal in the eyes of Indian customers. The full-size SUV has all it takes to become the number choice for the buyers of its segment, including an imposing road presence, tough build, powerful performance. All these attributes along with Toyota’s strong brand image, have forged the unquestionable success of Toyota Fortuner. While the Fortuner can enjoy long-lasting popularity, the Chevrolet Cruze is less fortunate. Even though being regarded as a competent model in the premium sedan, the Cruze went into discontinuation after Chevrolet quitted the Indian market. Chevrolet Cruze is not even in the same segment with the Toyota Fortuner but these two models share one thing in common: both of them are known for offering powerful diesel models. In the following video, the diesel versions of the Fortuner and Cruze will be put into a drag race. Let’s check out who is the winner of this drag race.


The drag race was conducted by HEAT 17 and uploaded on their Youtube channel. According to the introduction by the vlogger, the Fortuner here is making use of a 2.8-litre diesel unit paired to an automatic gearbox. This engine is good for 174 BHP and 450 Nm. This model comes with a 4x4 drive system as well. Chevrolet Cruze, on the other hand, is powered by a 2.0-litre diesel engine that generates 164 BHP and 360 Nm. It is the Toyota Fortuner that owns higher power specs. Regardless, the vlogger firmly believes that the Cruze that he was driving will win the race.


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The race comprises of three rounds. In the first round, both of the cars run with AC on. Toyota Fortuner gets started in ECO mode and traction control activated while these functions are missing on the Cruze. The Fortuner easily takes the leads with more power from the beginning. However, things change quickly as the Cruze gradually gains speed and gets ahead of the big SUV.


Toyota Fortuner vs Chevrolet Cruze

In the second round, the Toyota Fortuner runs on Power mode with traction control on. During this round, the SUV gains a head start as the driver of the Cruze is a bit late to respond. It is able to remain a consistent distance from the Cruze and hits the finish line first.


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The distance of the first two rounds is 300 meters. In the fourth round, the distance is increased to 400 meters. Just like in the first round, Toyota Fortuner manages to lead the race from the beginning, but the Cruze overtakes after a few seconds. After winning two rounds out of three, Chevrolet Cruze was announced the final winner.

The main factor that contributes to Chevrolet Cruze’s win is its light weight. The Fortuner here is not only an SUV but an SUV with 4x4 system, which makes it even heavier. Even though the power specifications of the small sedan are less impressive than those of the Fortuner, it still has a better power to weight ratio, which easily gains an advantage for the Cruze.

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