Toyota Fortuner Review 2018: Interior, Exterior, Performance and Price

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Toyota Fortuner has come back with the latest update for the 2018 version. Let's see what's new with the 2018 Toyota Fortuner in India.

Toyota Fortuner is a memorable car. This big boy could dominate the road and have the ability to impress. Toyota has always been excelled in providing reliability. There is no surprise that Toyota Fortuner is one of the most desirable cars in the market for years.
The new Fortuner has shown a considerable progress and changes to the package and successfully reclaimed its prominent status. Read on this Toyota Fortuner Review 2018 India from and let's see what the new Fortuner offers us.

1. Toyota Fortuner 2018 Exterior

Toyota Fortuner has always been known for being a large-built car. With the length of 4795, the width of 1855 and the height of 1835, Fortuner looks impressive and imposing as always. The ground clearance of 220 mm even pushes the aggressive stance of Fortuner further. Its road presence is undeniable.
Aside from the huge-stance characteristic, the recent model of Fortuner is a total makeover of its predecessors.
Being compatible with the huge size, Toyota Fortuner’s design is also aggressive and sharp. The new model even exasperates the brute look to a new level. The number of horizontal chrome grille bars is descended, making the front look less sleek but sharper. The black-out grille-like air dam is broadened. The swept-back headlamp, which includes a LED projector headlamp and LED daytime running lamps becomes thinner and sleeker whereas the fog lamps are getting bolder and more pronounced than ever with new chrome angular border.  

New toyota fortuner vs old toyota fortuner

The front of the new Fortuner (right) and the old Fortuner (left)

The chrome touch reaches to the side and runs under the window. The car window is also extended toward the rear. Therefore, even though not being as impressive as the front, it doesn’t look plain at all. 4WD variants get 18-inch alloys while the 2WD is equipped with smaller wheels of 17 inches.

Toyota Fortuner from the side

Unlike the front and side, the rear looks less aggressive. The sporty and angry feature gives way to a sleek and smart look. Abandoned the chunky taillamps, the new design adopts a slender sweeping housing for taillights. The spare-wheel is kept neatly under the rear.

Look at the simple rear side of the Toyota Fortuner 2018 India

Overall, Toyota has successfully updated the welcomed aggressive looks and even adds a strong dose of it to the new design.

2. Toyota Fortuner 2018 Interior

Not only the exterior undergoes radical changes but the interior also does. In the past, the interior of Toyota Fortuner 2018 was a big drawback as it was so ordinary, practical and didn’t seem to match the price. However, the latest update has done a good job of eliminating the cheap impression and creating a premium feels inside the car.
The dashboard houses a new 7-inch touchscreen infotainment screen where you can look up for directions and view from the rear camera. Under the touchscreen are the climate controls and a 12V outlet as well as a USB port. At the bottom, there are the buttons for traction controls, hill-descent control, and controls for the four-wheel drive system. The touch of brown leather upholstery doses the centre console with a smarter, more premium look.

The new dashboard of the latest Toyota Fortuner

The new dashboard of the latest Toyota Fortuner feels even more premium

The Fortuner also introduces a new instrument cluster. Between the speedometer and tachometer, there is a modernistic color TFT multi-information display.

The driver seat is optimized with electrical adjustment, offering the various sitting positions. Furthermore, the leather-wrapped steering wheel is also reach-adjustable rake-adjustable. Driver seat armrest is available. Apparently, the Fortuner has prepared everything possible to create the ultimate comfort for the drivers.

The increase in length and width create more interior room. You can feel it right when you step into the rear door and enter the two rear rows. The second is wide enough to comfortably hold up to three adults while the last row’s space could accommodate 2 people at ease. One surprising feature of the second row is the one-touch tumbled seats which allow easy access to the third row. You can also fold the third-row seat for larger boot room with one single pull.

boot room Toyota Fortuner 2018 India

Boot room and the third row-seats of Toyota Fortuner

Let's take a look at the interior and exterior of Toyota Fortuner 2018:

2018 Toyota Fortuner 2.8 TRD Sportivo 4WR Exterior and Interior

3. Toyota Fortuner 2018 Performance

The most anticipated change of the new Fortuner must be the addition of the petrol option. Instead of two diesel engine options - 2.5-litre and a 3.0-litre motor, the new offer includes a 2.7-litre petrol and a 2.8-litre diesel engine.
The petrol engine is mated with a 5-speed manual gas box or 6-speed automatic transmission. It is a 2WD which means only two wheels are given the power from the engine. 2.7-litre petrol engine could deliver the power of 166 PS and the torque of 245 Nm.

The petrol could handle the easy ride with the city well, however, when it comes to the highway condition, the engine could feel quite inadequate. At the high gear range, the performance of the motor is much better. Noise or vibration is not big deal for the Fortuner.

The diesel option is mated with the 6-speed manual gearbox or a 6-speed automatic transmission. The peak power it could deliver is 177 PS. The torque figure varies: the manual transmission could give 420 Nm whereas the automatic version could make 420 Nm. Among the two engines, the diesel version seems to score higher in term of fun driving. There is no sign of turbo lag.

The poor mileage is one minus of Toyota Fortuner. The petrol motor packed with manual gearbox could return the mileage of 8 kmpl. The automatic petrol variant could achieve the figure of 9 kmpl. For the diesel version, the manual one returns the mileage of 12 kmpl and the automatic gets 10 kmpl. These figures are relatively low in comparison with other cars from the same segment.

Toyota Fortuner 2018 is tuned for more impressive performance

The latest Fortuner has witnessed an improvement in terms of ride quality. However, it is nowhere near desirable. Bad patches still send bumps to the cabin. The suspension set up is firm. There is still body rolls when approaching the corner. But for a body-on-frame car, it is acceptable.

4. Toyota Fortuner 2018 Safety Feature

In term of safety features, the Fortuner gets 7 airbags, ABS with EBD, and ISOFIX child seat. Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) and Hill Assist Control are available in the automatic version. Hill-descent assist is featured in the 4WD Fortuner. The safety list of Fortuner is full-loaded, which adds more appeal to the package.

5. Toyota Fortuner 2018 Price

Toyota Fortuner is offered at the price range of 28.44 to 32.63 Lakh.

Engine  Model   Price
 2.8 2WR MT  Rs. 28.44 Lakh
 2.8 2WR AT  Rs. 30.76 Lakh
 TRD Sportivo 2.8 2WR AT  Rs. 30.87 Lakh
 2.8 4WR MT  Rs. 31.24 Lakh
 2.8 4WR AT  Rs. 32.63 Lakh
 Petrol  2.7 2WR AT  Rs. 26.84 Lakh
 2.7 2WR MT  Rs. 28.53 Lakh
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