Tata Altroz Vs Tata Nexon: Sibling Rivalry

by Vivaan Khatri | 12/12/2019
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Tata Altroz and Tata Nexon facelift have just been launched in the Indian market. Check out our detailed comparison of the two to know what are the similarities and differences between the two.

1. Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon: Introduction 

Tata Altroz is one of the most anticipated launches of 2020. The homegrown car manufacturer has been hinting at a premium hatchback ever since its first appearance at the Auto Expo 2018 under the concept form called the 45X. This hatchback will fare against the likes of Hyundai i20, Honda Jazz, Maruti Baleno, and Toyota Glanza at the space of premium hatchbacks. Tata Altroz is not a direct competitor against the Tata Nexon. However, we can find a lot of similarities (and differences, of course) between the Altroz hatchback and the Nexon sub-four-meter SUV. For that reason, IndianAuto is comparing these two models from Tata to find what the Tata Altroz and Tata Nexon have in common and how they differ from each other.

2. Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon Dimensions: Which car is bigger?

Since the Tata Nexon is an SUV segment, it is easy to jump to a conclusion that the Tata Nexon has an obvious advantage over the hatchback Tata Altroz in terms of size. That, however, is not really the case as the SUV isn't overwhelmingly bigger than a hatchback.

 Dimensions  Tata Altroz  Tata Nexon
 Length  3990  3994
 Width  1755  1811
 Height  1523  1607
 Weight   1036-1150  1305
 Wheelbase  2501  2498

As it turns out, the Tata Nexon is only marginally larger than its hatchback counterparts considering the length. At length, Tata Altroz is only 4 mm shorter than its SUV sibling. That being said, the Tata Nexon’s SUV DNA is conductive in gaining itself some certain edges over the premium hatchback Altroz if we consider both the width and height. The Nexon is 56 mm and 84 mm wider and higher than the upcoming Altroz. It is worth noticing that the Tata Altroz is actually on the bigger side compared to other cars of its class.

Tata Altroz Vs Tata Nexon

Tata Nexon is just marginally longer than Tata Altroz

The dimensions of the Altroz also assure a substantial level of interior space. The facelifted Nexon features Tata's new ALFA platform. With the notable strength of “futuristic modular and versatile architecture”, it is believed that this platform bear clear advance compared to the older platform used in the pre-facelift vehicle.

3. Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon Design: Which is better looking?

Interior comparison

Tata Altroz Vs Tata Nexon - Tata Altroz dashboard

Tata Altroz Interior

Coming into the cabin, it doesn’t take an experienced eye to see that the two models’ interior are more or less similar. The interior layout is arranged in the same setting with a floating infotainment touchscreen in the centre with air vents tucked underneath. The steering wheels look alike however, Tata Altroz’s unit is actually an updated version.

Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon - Tata Nexon interior

Tata Nexon interior

At a closer look, we can point out that the Tata Nexon and Altroz get different MID display and control panel design. While the Tata Nexon features a lot of knobs and physical buttons, the Tata Altroz gets a more simplified layout. Moreover, the 6.5-inch touchscreen of the Tata Altroz is larger than Tata Nexon’s 7-inch unit. With regard to the instrument cluster, the Tata Nexon comes with binnacle instrument cluster with a digital multi-info display unit in the middle. On the other hand, Tata Altroz is available with a combined unit of an analogue speedometer and digital tachometer.



Exterior comparison

Tata Altroz Vs Tata Nexon - Tata Nexon Front-end

Tata Nexon Front-end

Upon its debut, the Tata Nexon was considered among the most innovative and different designs of the segment. The Nexon leaves an impression of a funky and bold design with a distinctive tall boy stance, aggressive front end and an unconventional rear-end design. Compared to the Altroz, the Tata Nexon appears curvier. Besides, the Tata Nexon comes with some signature traits of an SUV which cannot be found in a hatchback like a large front air intake, faux skid plate on the rear or flared arches on the side.

Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon - Tata Altroz rear three-quarter

Tata Altroz rear three-quarter

After two years, the design trend of the automobile world has seen certain changes. Consequently, the Tata Altroz comes with a slightly more modern avatar with a sharper design compared to Tata Nexon. The Tata Altroz gets a more appealing design with sharper cuts and ceases.

Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon - Tata Nexon front three-quarter

The dividing line between the Tata Altroz and the Tata Nexon is blurring when it comes to styling. Both of the cars are influenced  of the IMPACT 2.0 design language. Reflecting the IMPACT design, both cars come with a similar grille which seamlessly extends to the two headlight housings. Similarly to the Nexon, the design of the Altroz carries on somewhat the visual-shocking factor which sets it from the rest. The Tata Altroz is also one of the rare cases in which the production form stays allied with the concept car. It somewhat explains the nonconformity of the Tata Altroz’s design.

Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon - Tata Nexon rear

Moreover, both come with quirky rear-end designs. Quirkiness is the only they have in common, the rest about the rear design is completely different. If the Tata Altroz catches attention for its intruding boot lid with a contrasting black piano application under the rear window, the Tata Nexon stands out with its off-white line running around the taillight and across the width of the rear end.

4. Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon Features: Which is safer & more convenient?

Safety features comparison

Tata Altroz is packed with a load of safety features including airbags, ABS with EBD along with other necessaries including rear parking sensors, driver and front passenger seat belt warning and high-speed alert. These features have been recently made compulsory for every car. Other than that, you'll find rear parking camera, speed-sensing door locks, and door open warning onboard. On similar lines, the Tata Nexon comes equipped with ABS, dual front airbags, rear camera, seat belts with pre-tensioners, corner stability control and ISOFIX child seat mounts along with other standard safety functions. Both the cars acknowledged as a highly safe car thanks to their 5-star safety rating for adult occupants in Global NCAP crash tests.

Comfort features comparison         

To prepare the Tata Altroz to rival against other cars in the premium hatchback market, Tata has brought out a variety of comfort features. Some notable functions include an adjustable steering wheel with mounted controls, cruise control, height-adjustable driver seat and ambient lighting. Along with these features, Tata also is packed with smart connectivity features including the 7-inch touchscreen supported with Android Auto and Apple Carplay alongside a Harman 4-speaker 2-tweeter audio system which can give the car occupants a great pleasure.  Besides, Tata Altroz also sports a rain-sensing wiper which is a first-in-segment feature.

Tata Nexon, even though launched two years ahead of the Tata Altroz, comes with a quite up-to-date comfort-enhanced system. This SUV is available with features like rear AC vents, adjustable steering, height-adjustable front seat belts along with keyless entry, engine start/stop button and glove box cooling. With regard to the infotainment system, the Tata SUV is equipped with a 6.5-inch infotainment system. Even though it gets a smaller infotainment display, the Tata Nexon has a superb audio system comprising of 8 speakers from Harman.

5. Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon Engine Specs: Which offers better performance?     

Tata Altroz and Tata Nexon both shares the same 1.5-litre Revotorq diesel unit. On Tata Nexon, this diesel motor is able to put out 110PS of maximum power and 170Nm of peak torque. In the Altroz though, it is detuned to 90 PS and 200 Nm. As for the petrol models, the Nexon is powered by a more powerful 1.2-litre 3-cylinder petrol engine with 110 PS and 170 Nm while the Altroz’s 1.2-litre petrol is capable of producing peak power and torque of 83 PS and 113 Nm from the same engine. Since the power advantage of the Nexon is cancelled-out by its weight disadvantage, the performance of these models will not be significantly mismatched.

Both diesel and manual gearbox of Tata Nexon can be paired to either a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed automated manual transmission. On the other hand, Tata Altroz comes come exclusively with 5-speed manual gearbox only at the moment. It misses out the automatic gearbox, which comes across as the essential difference that sets the Tata Altroz’s powertrain range from the Nexon’s. However, an introduction of an automatic gearbox on the Altroz is on Tata’s vision.

 Fuel Type  Model Engine  Power   Torque  Gearbox
 Tata Altroz  1.5-litre diesel
 90 PS
 200 Nm
 5-speed manual gearbox
 Tata Nexon

 6-speed manual transmission

 6-speed AMT

 Tata Altroz  1.2-litre petrol  86PS  113Nm  5-speed manual gearbox
 Tata Nexon  1.2-litre turbocharged petrol  110 PS  170 Nm

 6-speed manual transmission

 6-speed AMT

6. Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon Mileage: Which is more fuel-efficient?

The mileage of the pre-facelift (2019 Tata Nexon) is rated at 17.88 kmpl for the petrol model and 23.97 kmpl for the diesel model according to the ARAI standard. The official figures for 2020 model haven't been tested yet. Same goes for the Tata Altroz. Tata Motors, however, claims that the Altroz will be one of the most fuel-efficient vehicles in the premium hatchback segment.

Specs  Tata Altroz  Tata  Nexon 
 Fuel type  Petrol  Diesel  Petrol  Diesel
 Fuel economy  N/A  N/A  N/A  N/A

7. Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon Road Price: Which is cheaper?

Price list of Tata Altroz has recently been announced, and it starts surprisingly low! Not only that, but the Nexon's pricing has also surprised us a fair bit. Take a look below for a tabular comparison.

Model Name   Tata Altroz Tata Nexon 
 Price (ex-showroom, Delhi)  Rs 5.29 lakh to Rs 9.29 lakh  Rs 6.95 lakh to Rs 12.70 lakh
 Price (on-road, Delhi)  N/A N/A

Priced from 6.95 lakh to Rs 12.70 lakh (ex-showroom), Tata Nexon sits above the Tata Altroz on the line-up, which is priced between Rs. 5.29 to Rs. 9.29 lakh. The prices of these models are set apart, but just like other Tata models, they are all competitively-priced. Tata Nexon undercuts most of its rivals in the mid-sized SUV segment. 

8. Tata Altroz: Other Competitors    

Tata Altroz takes on the likes of Hyundai Elite i20, Honda Jazz and Honda Baleno and Toyota Glanza in the space of premium hatchbacks.

 Other competitors Compare with Tata Altroz 
 Hyundai Elite i20  Tata Altroz vs Hyundai Elite i20
 Maruti Baleno  Tata Altroz vs Maruti Baleno

9. Tata Nexon: Other Competitors 

Compared with the Tata Altroz, Tata Nexon is facing a harsher competition in the space of mid-sized SUVs. The latest mega-debut of the Hyundai Venue in the space has swept the sales chart, which has given not only Tata Nexon but also other mid-sized SUVs like Maruti Brezza and Ford EcoSport and Mahindra XUV300 a hard time. Look at the list of comparison articles between Tata Nexon and other cars here.

 Other competitors Compare with Tata Nexon
Maruti Brezza, Mahindra XUV300 Tata Nexon vs Maruti Brezza vs Mahindra XUV300
Ford EcoSport Tata Nexon vs Ford EcoSport
Hyundai Venue Tata Nexon vs Hyundai Venue
Hyundai Creta Tata Nexon vs Hyundai Creta

10. Verdict: Tata Altroz vs Tata Nexon, which car is your best buy?        

Coming from the same car manufacturer, Tata Altroz and Tata Nexon bear various similarities including the design, engines and pricing strategy. However, considering that these cars are targeted at different segments and different customers, Tata Altroz and Tata Nexon still differ in many other aspects. Each car can offer the benefits that will be likely to please the customers of its space. To get more detailed comparison reviews of cars available in the Indian market, visit our Car Comparison column.

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