Tata Tigor Vs Ford Figo Aspire Variants Comparison: Which One Most Suits You?

by Mohammed Burman | 11/07/2018
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The facelifted Tata Tigor and Ford Aspire sedans offer a list of different variants, which can make you confused as to which one is the most suitable for you. This article will help you answer this question.

Various automakers such as Honda, Maruti Suzuki, Ford, Hyundai, Tata and Volkswagen have been introducing cars into the Indian teeming sedan segment. To increase the competitiveness, two of them (Tata and Ford) have updated their sedan products: Tata Tigor and Ford Aspire, both in terms of the exterior and interior as well as the more impressive performance on each of its variants. However, you might wonder which one best suits you. Let’s read this article to discover which one most deserves your precious money. 

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Before coming to the comparison between the variants of the two cars, please look through their mechanical specifications.


Dimensions Tigor Aspire
 Length  3,992mm  3,994mm
 Width  1,677mm  1,704mm
 Height  1,537mm  1,525mm
 Wheelbase   2,450mm  2,490mm
 Ground clearance  170mm  174mm
 Boot space  419 litres  359 litres

The Ford Aspire, with a longer wheelbase, is both longer, larger and higher than the Tata Tigor. Therefore, the Aspire is more spacious than its counterpart.

In terms of the boot space, the Tigor exceeds the Aspire by around 50 litres. The ground clearance of the two cars is almost the same as each other with the Aspire outclassing the Tigor by only 4mm.

2018 Tata Tigor facelift angular look

Despite being larger in size than the Tata Tigor, the Ford Aspire has a smaller boot space than its counterpart


Petrol engines

   Tata Tigor  Ford Aspire
 Engine  1.2 litre  1.2 litre/1.5 litre
 Power  85PS/114PS  96PS/123PS 
 Torque  114Nm/150Nm   120Nm/150Nm
 Transmission  5-speed MT/AMT  5-speed MT/6-speed AT 
 Mileage  20.3kmpl/N.A  20.4kmpl/16.3kmpl
  • Both of the sedans are powered by a 1.2L petrol motor. Excluding the Tata Tigor JTP from the comparison, the Aspire is more powerful than its rival by 11PS/6Nm.

  • Both cars use a 5-speed manual transmission. Nevertheless, while the Tigor also receives power via a 5-speed automated manual transmission, the Aspire offers a 6-speed automatic transmission option.

  • The automatic Aspire gets power from a more powerful motor compared with the manual Aspire by 27PS/30Nm.

  • When comparing variants with a manual gearbox of both of the two cars, the recently launched Tigor JTP is the most powerful vehicle with an output power of 114PS/150Nm.

  • As regards the mileage, the Aspire is marginally more fuel-efficient than the Tigor, by 0.1kmph.

Diesel engines

   Tata Tigor  Ford Aspire
 Engine  1.05 litre  1.5 litre
 Power  70PS  100PS
 Torque  140Nm  215Nm
 Transmission  5-speed MT  5-speed MT 
 Mileage  24.7kmpl  26.1kmpl
  • Thanks to the larger engine, the diesel Aspire is more powerful than the diesel Tigor by 30PS/75Nm.

  • Both of the cars are only available with only a 5-speed manual transmission.

  • The Aspire is still somewhat more fuel-efficient than its counterpart, but by 0.6kmph this time.

Variants comparison

To make the comparison reasonable, we will compare the variants of the two cars with similar price one by one each time.

First, refer to the table below to check the price list across all variants.

   Tata Tigor Ford Aspire  
 Petrol  XE: Rs 5.20 lakh  N/A
 XM: Rs 5.55 lakh  Ambiente: Rs 5.55 lakh 
 XZ: Rs 5.95 lakh  Trend: Rs 5.99 lakh
 XZ+: Rs 6.49 lakh  Trend+: Rs 6.39 lakh
 N/A  Titatnium: Rs 6.79 lakh
 JTP Rs: 7.49 lakh  Tianium+: Rs 7.24 lakh
 XZA: Rs 6.65 lakh  N/A
 N/A  1.5L Titanium AT: Rs 8.49 lakh
  Diesel  XE: Rs 6.09 lakh  N/A
 XM: Rs 6.41 lakh   Ambiente: Rs 6.45 lakh
 XZ: Rs 6.84 lakh  Trend: Rs 6.89 lakh
 XZ+: Rs 7.38 lakh  Trend+:Rs 7.29 lakh
 N/A  Titanium: Rs 7.69 lakh
 N/A  Titanium+: Rs 8.14 lakh

1. Tata Tigor XM vs Ford Aspire Ambiente

Shared features

These are the low-spec ones so they share some basic characteristics including twin front airbags, manual air conditioner, a tilt steering system, adjustable headrest in the front, central locking system, front power windows, and outside rearview mirrors which can be adjusted from the inside.

Different features

Tigor XM over Aspire Ambiente

The Tigor offers some gadgets which are absent in the Aspire: ConnectNext Harman infotainment system which supports Bluetooth connectivity, height-adjustable driving seat, different driving modes, power windows and central armrest in the rear.

Aspire Ambiente over Tigor XM

Anti-lock Braking System with electronic brakeforce limitation, rear adjustable headrest, rear parking and day/night inside rear-view mirror are the features which the Aspire Ambiente offers over the Tigor XM.

Ford Aspire Ambiente silver colour

Despite less well-equipped than the Tata Tigor XM, the Ford Aspire Ambiente still wins the comparison, thanks to its basic safety equipment

Despite being better equipped  than its counterpart, the Tigor XM, in our opinion, loses the advantage in the comparison with its rival since it lacks some basic equipment such as ABS with EBD, which doesn’t conform to the upcoming safety regulations. On the other hand, the Aspire Ambiente is packed with some fundamental components, ensuring the passengers’ comfort and safety.

2. Tata Tigor XZ vs Aspire Trend

Shared features

These two variants share with each other some elements which are over the former variants, which help make sure that the passengers can enjoy a comfortable and safe travel in both of the two cars. In terms of safety, like Tigor XZ, Aspire Trend also offers ABS with EBD as well as rear parking sensors. As regards entertainment, both of the two cars are equipped with music infotainment system which supports Bluetooth connectivity. Other common traits include keyless entry, ORVM with turn indicators as well as day and night inside rear-view mirror.

Different features

Tigor XZ over Aspire Trend

The Tigor XZ appears to win the game with a wide range of features which the Aspire Trend lacks such as steering-mounted controls, different driving modes, cooled glovebox, fog lamps in the front, electrically adjustable outside rear-view mirrors.

Aspire Trend over Tigor XZ

On the other hand, the Aspire Trend seems to be in a disadvantageous position since the only characteristic that it offers over the Tigor XZ is the adjustable headrest in the rear.

In spite of the higher price, we would highly recommend the Tigor XZ rather than the Aspire Trend since it is packed with far more advanced gadgets, which helps it deserve the higher price.

Aspire Trend red color angular look

The Aspire Trend is less advantageous in the comparison than the Tigor XZ

3. Tata Tigor XZ+ vs Ford Aspire Trend+

Shared features

In these variants, both of the two automakers have made a breakthrough regards their comfort by equipping their products with an infotainment system with a 7-inch touchscreen.

Other common equipment over the previous variants include a defogger in the rear, fog lamps in the front, foldable and electrically adjustable outside rear-view mirrors, steering-mounted controls, reverse parking camera and automatic temperature control.

7-inch touchscreen infotainment system on the 2018 Tata Tigor

Both of these two cars offer a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system, a breakthrough in terms of entertainment

Different features

Tigor XZ+ over Aspire Trend+

The Tigor XZ+ is still more flexible than its counterpart by offering different driving modes. Furthermore, the Tigor XZ+ is also the more advantageous car with such attributes as Android Auto connectivity, cooled glovebox and alloy wheels.

Aspire Trend+ over Tigor XZ+

The Trend+ offers some elements that are lacked by the XZ+, including adjustable headrest in the rear and navigation support integrated with the infotainment system.

In this pair, the two cars appear to be equal to each other, but if a choice still needs to be made, we will opt for the Tigor XZ+, simply because of the longer list of equipment that it offers.

4. Tata Tigor JTP vs Ford Aspire Titanium+

They are both high-spec variants so they promise not to disappoint us with a wide list of outstanding characteristics over the former variants.  

Shared features

Both of the two cars are equipped with alloy wheels and a touchscreen infotainment system which supports Android Auto connectivity.

Tigor JTP over Aspire Titanium+

Different driving modes seem to be a uniquely advantageous point of Tigor over Aspire, which is maintained in this pair of variants. The cooled box also appears in the former but is absent in the latter.

Aspire Titanium+ over Tigor JTP

On the other hand, the Titanium+ comes with curtain and side airbags, automatic wipers, automatic headlamps, emergency support, automatic dimming inside rear-view mirrors, start push button and an infotainment system supporting Apple CarPlay connectivity over the Tigor JTP.

Here, the Aspire Titanium+ is our choice because it offers a wider variety of features than its rival despite having a higher price by Rs 20,000.

Tata Tigor JTP white colour angular look

Despite a more affordable price, the Tigor JTP still loses the game when compared with Aspire Titanium+

This article has given you a detailed comparison between some mechanical specifications of the facelifted Tata Tigor and Ford Aspire as well as the four pairs of similarly-priced variants. Through this article, you can also compare the variants in the Tigor and the Aspire line-ups themselves. We hope that the article will help you make a better decision on buying any variants of these two cars.

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