2018 Datsun GO and GO+: What are the best new features?

by Vivaan Khatri | 13/10/2018
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2018 Datsun GO and GO+ have been introduced. Here we will give you the list of the best new feature that could be seen on the new Datsun GO and GO+.

Datsun GO and GO+ have recently received its facelift. The facelift will come at a marginal price hike. 2018 Datsun GO and GO+ will be priced at Rs 3.29 lakh and could go up to 3.83 lakh. The 2018 version will get long-awaited updates that are hoped to boost the sale numbers and the level of satisfaction for the customers. Here we will introduce the top features that are offered on the new Datsun GO and GO+.

1. Exterior updates 

The old version of the Datsun has already known for the sporty look. Coming to the new version, it will get a revised bumper with even more rugged and aggressive look. At the top-spec variants, Datsun GO and GO+ will get LED DRLs. One of the highlights on the new Datsun GO and GO+ is the 14-inch diamond-cut alloy wheels. 

Datsun GO+ blue color exterior color

Datsun GO and GO+ will get some exterior twists

2. Seven Touchscreen infotainment system 

The interior GO and GO+ will be revamped thoroughly. One of the most recognizable change is the new touchscreen infotainment system.  The new unit will be a large seven-inch touchscreen display with Apple Carplay and Android Auto compatibility. Along with that, there are also voice recognition, HD video playback, USB/Aux Input, and Bluetooth connectivity. It will add more appeal to the new GO and GO+. This unit will come at the top-spec variant only. 

Datsun GO and Datsun GO+ interior

The new interior will also come with more advanced techs

Besides, there are also some features that also appear on the new Datsun GO and GO+:

  • Power windows

  • Electric mirror adjusts

  • Rear parking sensors

  • Dual front airbags

  • Rear window wipers

  • Added color options

The new Datsun GO and GO+ will offer a wide range of color options with an addition of two more colours on board. The new colors are Amber Orange and Sun Stone Brown. One will cater for those with the preference for an outstanding and attention-grasping look, while the other will satisfy customers who want their cars to look matured and simple.

3. More safety techs

The new Datsun is built with a stronger body which results in a heavier body with an addition of 150 kilograms to the body weight. The added weight will substantially change the driving dynamics of the Datsun, but as far as the safety concerned, this change is a necessary and positive change. What’s more, the safety features list will also include ABS with EBD, and brake assist. 

Orange Datsun GO on road

New Datsun GO and GO+ will get ABS, EBD and brake assist

Under the hood, there will be no substantial changes. Datsun GO and GO+ will continue to feature the same engine of 1.2-litre displacement. The transmission will be the 5-speed manual system. The ATM version is not yet to come on this facelift. However, in the near future, the updates of a new automatic gearbox is likely to happen. Right now, booking for the Datsun and Datsun GO+ is available the cost of 11,000 lakh. 

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