Audi And VW Logos Promote Social Distancing In An Interesting Way

by Mohit Bhardwaj | 06/04/2020
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To promote social distancing in a bid to break the chain reaction of Coronavirus, Audi and VW have found a new way to promote this activity by an interesting animation for their logos.

The Covid-19 disease is caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, often referred to as Novel Coronavirus. Its contact with the human body leads to mild cold and fever; however, this contagious virus can even cause respiratory issues, in critical conditions.

To cure this disease, there isn't any vaccine or anti-dote available around the world as of now. The only way we can fight this global epidemic is by social distancing. By keeping a minimum 6-feet distance between each other and not stepping out of our houses in any condition is how we can break the chain reaction of this deadly virus. To promote this act of social distancing Audi and VW have come up with a clever animation of their logos.


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Audi And VW Logos Promote Social Distancing In An Interesting Way

The four rings in AUDI logo distancing themselves from each other.

It can be seen that four rings on the Audi logo separate to distance themselves from each other. In a similar way, the V and W in the VW logo move away from each other. The carmakers around the country are witnessing the effects of this outbreak. But the automotive industry is not the only one that is facing the side-effects of this crown-shaped virus. The ancillaries and MSME’s associated with the carmakers are also affected.

To deal with this epidemic major carmakers in India have announced close shut for their manufacturing units across the country. Tata Motors has also announced to pay full salaries to all of its permanent, temporary, and daily wage workers. On the other hand, Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group announced that he will donate a month’s salary to help the country fight this pandemic. He also said that the government can use their resorts as quarantine centres while confirming that Mahindra Group can also manufacture ventilators if required.


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Almost every manufacturer is requesting their patrons, customers, and employees, to quarantine and avoid public places for a few days. We at are also trying our best to come up with content to keep you folks entertained while you quarantine during these 21 days of lockdown in the country. So to keep yourself busy and enthralled by reading our latest stories, click here. To watch our interesting and detailed car review videos, click here.

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