SUVs vs Sedans: Which one is better?

by Vivaan Khatri | 02/07/2018
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It is not easy to make a decision to choose between SUV or Sedan. Here is the detailed comparison between SUVs and sedan.

Sedans and SUVs are among the most common car types in the auto market. However, each one has their own pros and cons. Many are caught in the struggle of deciding which one to buy. In the following part, IndianAuto will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of SUVs vs sedans.

First of all, let’s get into the definition of each car type.


What are SUVs?


The exterior looks of an SUV 

SUVs or Sport-Utility Vehicle distinguish themselves from the crowd with its high stance and tough appearance. With a high ground clearance and four-wheel drive systems, the car design and performance is optimized to tackle with the off-road driving. SUVs are mostly powered by diesel engine.

SUV has recently raised in their popularity and become a large segment in the car industry. These days, the term SUV also refers to crossover cars. Crossovers have some characteristics of an SUV like tall stance and off-road ability. However, it outperforms SUVs in terms of city driving ability.

Some popular SUV names are Mahindra TharFord Endeavor, Toyota Fortuner.


What are Sedans?

A sedan looks from the side


Sedan’s design is optimized for people-carrying purpose with a three-box configuration: the first pillar for the engine, the second for cabin space and the third pillar for boot space at the rear. A sedan usually has two seating rows. Unlike the SUVs, sedans have a low ground clearance, making it look more like sports cars. It also explains why sedans could bring out sporty performance and favored by car enthusiasts. Hyundai Verna, Honda City, Maruti Suzuki Ciaz are among the most popular sedans in the Indian market.


SUV and Sedan


Sedan vs SUV

Which one is better: SUV or Sedan?


SUV’s strength:

  • SUVs are all for the off-road driving condition. SUVs make a great company when it comes to bad road driving. It can move at ease on the bumpy road or even on the highway. The diesel engine in most SUVs could allow higher torque to go uphill and go through obstacles with ease. Regarding the overall poor road condition in India, SUVs could serve Indian car owners better than sedans.

  • SUVs with a higher ground clearance and bigger body can afford larger space inside the cabin, especially with the headroom. SUVs are the absolute winner regarding the size of the boot space. The cargo space could be even doubled if the rear row of the car is folded – which is impossible for a sedan as the cargo space and the passenger space in sedans are separated.

  • With a higher stance as well as a high seating position, SUVs offer a broader view and of course, greater visibility. It is intended to serve as an off-roader characteristic because it could allow drivers to see the obstacles ahead.

  • Besides, SUVs are also known for its towing capacity.​


SUVs toyota landcruiser front view

SUVs are more suitable for off-road driving than sedans


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Sedan’s strength:


  • If SUVs are specifically designed for off-road driving, sedans are made to maneuver in normal driving condition. To support the off-roader ability, SUVs are equipped with stiffer suspension setting, therefore, SUVs feel more uncomfortable at on-road driving. On the other hand, sedans receive softer suspension systems, which offers greater riding quality and more comfort in driving.

  • Sedans with a low centre of gravity offer more satisfying performance at cornering or driving at high speed.

  • Sedans triumph the SUVs in terms of interior. At the same price segment, a sedan could offer a more attractive and lusher interior than an SUV. Sedans also offer more premium interior features.

  • Sedans with lower weight could provide higher mileages, which means that you can lower the running cost of a car. Moreover, sedans are also a more economical option in terms of maintenance cost.

  • Parking could be executed easier with sedans than SUVs as SUVs command more space. It is also the reason why SUV is not convenient to drive inside the crowded city streets.


​​red sedan on city streets

Sedans are the best cars for city driving


Generally, sedans could offer you better performance if you mostly travel inside the city or short distance. With people who have to go off-road often, SUVs will be a greater choice. Depending on the personal need, you can pick either SUV or sedan as your friend on the road.


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