Bentley To Stay Away From EVs Till 2025

by IndianAuto Team | 08/03/2020
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Bentley has decided to put its plan for penetrating into the EV market on hold till the mid of this decade

Just like other carmakers in the market, Bentley is also preparing for its venture to the EV segment. The Crewe-based car manufacturer revealed an ambitious plan of electrifying the entire product range in the future. However, instead of rushing toward, Bentley will take in time and wait until the battery technology is ready.  

Bentley To Stay Away From EVs Till 2025

Bentley's first EV shouldn't be expected to arrive before 2025 (Seen above - Bentley EXP 100 GT Concept)

In a recent interview with Top Gear, Adrian Hallmark, Chairman and CEO of Bently Motors shared that the company is planning to launch its first zero-emission vehicles in the middle of the 2020s. Expecting to see a significant improvement regarding battery technology in the next five years, Bentley, therefore, schedules the timeline for the first EV accordingly. It also means that car enthusiasts will have to wait for 5 years until the launch of Bentley’s first EV.

Hallmark also explains that in five years’ time, the batteries will not only improve in performance, deliver higher range but also become more affordable. He also remarked that the price of the batteries now is six times higher than the price of the engine which has already accounted for 20 per cent of the total cost of a car. It is deemed to be the right time for Bentley to enter the competition. Hallmark said, “By 2025/26, with the known road map, we’ll be able to build a proper Bentley EV. The right wheelbase, the right amount of occupants, the right size and shape.”

Bentley To Stay Away From EVs Till 2025

It is expected that by 2025, batteries for EV won't even offer higher performance and efficiency but even get more affordable

Bentley’s CEO also gave some hints about the first Bently EV, indicating that it would be designed and constructed by Mulliner. The EV will come under the form of an expensive but low-range vintage car, possibly being a recreation of one of Bentley’s classics. He also promises that all the distinctive traits the company has built for itself like excellent comfort, great speed, effortless power and high level of refinement but the engine noise will be severed in the electric era.

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