Best Car Cleaning Accessories Every Car Owner Should Have

by Vivaan Khatri | 26/11/2020
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Keeping your car clean is something that enhances your user experience. To make the cleaning easier and effortless, you should buy one of these Best Car Cleaning Accessories

Keeping the car clean is beneficial in many ways. However, not many car owners pay enough attention to keep the car tidy and odour-free. Some might make the excuse of not having enough time to clean the car themselves or bringing their vehicles to a car wash. However, cleaning car should not be a hassle. With the help of some useful car cleaning accessories, you can do the task at ease.

Why you should keep your car clean?

There are a couple of reasons why you should always keep your car neat and clean. If you feel a lack of motivation to make car cleaning a regular routine, here are something you can benefit from having a clean vehicle.

  • Car maintenance: Apart from taking your car to a garage for a periodic check-up, car-washing and waxing should also be prioritized. It will keep your car in an optimal condition in the long run. Covering your car in dust and debris will make the exterior easily get rusted. The same is true for other car parts. The cleaner your car is, the longer it will last.

  • Safety: This benefit of regular car cleaning is usually neglected by many car owners. Each year, there are many car accidents caused by the low visibility of dirty windows. There are also cases where people failed to stop the car as the brake pedal is stuck because of littering inside the cars. Moreover, car parts need to be cleaned regularly so that it can operate properly. Poorly maintained car components can cause dysfunction, resulting in some unwanted incidents.

  • Health: Many of us would spend a lot of time driving and commuting. Keeping the environment around us clean - or in this case, your car interior - is highly important. Even when you are confident with your immune system, you should keep the car clean for the sake of other car passengers including your family and children.

  • Pride: A car has always been considered its owner’s pride. Keeping it clean will give others a good impression of you and your lifestyle. Clean your car if you don’t want to be being judged for having a dirty car.


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Cleaning accessories

Microfiber Cloth/Foam

One of the most essential car washing tips is to use a microfiber cloth. Regular clothes are not made for cleaning. Their roughness can scratch the delicate paint surface. Microfiber is soft and safe for cleaning and will not cause any damage to the car finish. In addition, a microfiber cloth can absorb a large amount of water, which ensures that excess water will be wiped away easily.


Car Vacuum

Using clothes or wiping paper can work on a flat surface. However, a car has a lot of nooks and crannies where the regular cleaning tool cannot reach. A car vacuum can fix this issue easily. It can pick up dust from the most well-hidden corner in the car in seconds.


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Glass Cleaner

Many people can do away without specialized glass cleaner. In most cases, car owners apply a regular cleaning product for glass cleaning. However, these normal products cannot entirely restore the shininess of the glass surface. There might be some blurry, hard-to-see stains that still persist even after you finish cleaning. By using a specified glass cleaner, you will see the window glass at its full glory. Besides keeping the glass surface looks glossy and transparent, the glass cleaner also minimizes scratching the glass during the cleaning. It is highly effective for cleaning hard-to-remove grimes and dust, which will help you save time and effort.


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Car Wash Shampoo

Similar to glass cleaner, the exterior paint also requires special treatment with specialized cleaning products. Since the paint surface takes up a large part of the car exterior, it is a worthy investment to buy a proper car wash shampoo.

Car Wax

After cleaning the exterior with car wash shampoo, you can apply car wax to enhance the appearance of the body paint and add some shine to your car. Periodic car waving can be an effective way to maintain car exterior and make sure your car always look at its best.


Leather Polish

Leather is an upmarket material that is usually used for car interior, for example, seat wrap, steering wheel wrap. Leather is also a high-maintaining material since it requires special care which most of us have no speciality or knowledge. Leather polish is made to do a job. It offers a simple solution for car owners to maintain the leather.

Car Trash Can

Keeping the interior clean and organized is not an easy task for many. One of the simplest ways to get the car interior neat is to keep a trash can on the cabin. 

These car cleaning accessories will make the cleaning and car maintaining much easier.  

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