Safety driving tips: How to use GPS navigation safety while driving

by Vivaan Khatri | 30/06/2018
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Using GPS is really unavoidable for many drivers, but how to drive safely while using GPS for navigation?

Many of the modern cars offer built-in GPS navigation feature. Even when the car doesn’t have the GPS navigation, drivers could utilize their smartphones as GPS devices. Without GPS, maneuvering will be an extremely daunting task. However, being on phone or concentrating on the navigation screen could be very dangerous. That’s why you might need a careful guideline suggested by IndianAuto on how to safely navigate while using GPS.

1. Be well-preparing before setting off

using GPS while driving

Working on GPS while driving is very dangerous

Everyone who ever tries to use the GPS would know the unexpected trouble of setting the destination or finding the right route. You might think it only takes you seconds to get everything right, but the actual process lasts longer than that. Map-related stuff is always mind-boggling. That’s why you need to minimize the complexity of using GPS as much as possible by checking it beforehand, so that, when you start your engine, you don’t need to do any further steps to set the GPS system working. And more importantly, you have to get yourself familiar with the operation and functioning of GPS navigation tool. Don’t ever underestimate the complexity of GPS navigation. Or else, you might risk spending tons of time on figuring out how to make it work.s

2. Use voice direction

using voice direction GPS for driving

It is helpful to make use of the voice direction feature

In some GPS-based navigation apps, they will provide the voice direction. This smart feature will give you a real-time direction for navigating.  Looking at the map for direction could not provide a responsive direction, for example, if you don’t pay close attention to the map, you might miss a turn. At the same time, you could not just glue your eyes on the map screen. That’s when voice direction comes in as a wonderful solution for this dilemma.

3. Seek help from other people on car

two people on car using GPS for driving

Ask for help from other people in the car

If you are not driving alone, you can ask others to do the job of giving direction by looking at the GPS device. In case that you cannot get help from voice direction or other people in the car, you should use the phone mount to reduce the engagement of your eyes on the phone.

4. Be aware that GPS is not an ultimate helper

GPS incident

A car gets stuck in the staircase because of the GPS

Even when the GPS is the most trusted system for navigating, it is not necessarily a flawless tool. The suggested route is not always the most convenient option available. Not to mention that there are some factors that the app could not predict, for example, traffic jam, restricted roads and so on. Besides, you could totally exclude the possibility that the GPS database hasn't updated yet.

Or sometimes, the GPS shows the direction which conflicts with the traffic signs. In these cases, you should obey the rule and find another route. It is possible that sometimes, you presume that the GPS is always right and unconsciously follow the direction it gives. It is actually a very dangerous habit. Even the algorithm will carve the best solution based on the given data, it could never replace the role of the driver.

Therefore, visualizing and preview the route beforehand would be helpful. It will reduce the reliance on the device and make you more active on maneuvering.

5. Keep the GPS program updated

using GPS for driving updating system

Always keep your GPS devices updated!

It is helpful to keep your devices updated with the newest information and changes to adjust the system with the best and recent data. The database is ever-changing, and there is a good chance that you will miss the latest update and could not optimize the use of your devices with a dated system.

Here is the complete guide on how to find your driving route by using GPS on your phone:

Get the best direction for driving by using Google Maps online/offline

GPS devices are one of the most reliable tools in navigation the world; however, to get the best out of this devices, it is necessary that you follow all the tips above. These tips will help to ensure the driving safety and get to your destination in the most convenient way possible. 

To ensure better safety while driving. you can apply the safety guides given by IndianAuto.

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