World’s Cleanest Petrol And Diesel Will Be Used Across India From April 1

by Mohammed Burman | 20/02/2020
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India is going to join the nations which use petrol and diesel containing only 10 parts per million of sulphur to make all of its vehicles comply with the upcoming BSVI norms.

Sanjiv Singh, Chairman of Oil Corp (IOC) which controls around half of the nation’s fuel share, stated that all most all refineries in the country started to produce ultra-low sulphur fuel by the end of 2019 and all the fuel plants are now responsible for totally switch to the new BSVI fuel type with a view to carefully preparing the whole country for the more stringent norms. He also added,

"We are 100 per cent confident that fuel that will flow from nozzles at all the petrol pumps in the country on April 1 will be BSVI compliant fuel."

bharat fuel station

All the refineries in India is to totally switch to BSVI fuel from April 2020.

India started to use BS-III fuel with a sulphur content being 350 ppm in 2010. It took the country seven years to switch to BS-IV with a surphur content of 50 ppm and then another three years to change to the stricter BSVI norms, which has never been achieved by any other countries in the world in such a short span. This requires the investment of both hard effort and a great amount of money from auto manufacturers to achieve compliance with the stricter emission norms. 

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Initially, Delhi and its adjacent towns had BS-VI fuel by April 2019 and the other regions of the country would acquire the same from April this year. Singh is confident that the BS-VI fuel used in India is the best quality one in the world. Actually, oil marketing companies had adopted the cleanest fuel in Delhi NCR on April 1, 2018. Singh said that the new fuel will lead to a NOx reduction in the vehicles by 25% and 70% in petrol-powered cars and diesel ones, respectively. The adoption of the new fuel types is expected to help reduce the high level of emission from vehicles which is considered to be the one of the main reasons for the serious pollution in India, particularly in major cities. 

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