5 Best Coolants For Every Vehicles In India in 2020

by Harish Kumar | 13/03/2020
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To maintain your car in perfect condition, choosing the most compatible coolants for your vehicle is a key checkpoint. Check out the list of best coolants for cars India.

Choosing the right coolants for your car is one of the most essential cars caring tips in your commuting lifetime. While everyone knows that coolants play a crucial role in maintaining the lifespan and performance of the machine, not many of them can choose the best coolants for their vehicles right at the first time. There are multiple types of motor oil coolants available in the market so far but to pick one that is suitable for your vehicle, kindly read our stories on top best coolants for cars in India.

1. Shell Helix HX7 550031339

To make your life easier, choosing the compatible coolant that works well for both petrol and diesel engine would be very helpful for the first-time car users who have no experience in the mechanics. Shell Helix HX7 is one good example. Being an API SN-certified product, the Shell Helix HX7 550031339 stays in line with the highest motor oil standards. By using this coolant, your car’s engine would be lubricated instantly for smooth and comfortable performance and keeps the engine operating seamlessly during the robust usage.

Best coolants for cars india - shell helix hx7 image

As you may know, when the engine is safely lubricated, the fuel consumption would be reduced accordingly. Comparing with mineral oils, this kind of coolant oil has a longer lifespan and does not require to be changed frequently. Moreover, the active cleaning technology also keeps the engine parts clean, helping extend the lifespan of the vehicle’s heart.


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Apart from the diesel and petrol engine, Shell Helix HX7 550031339 is also compatible with gas machinery. If your car already has some problems with the engine, the oil coolant can of help smoothing things out for the vehicle. Besides, the container has been designed conveniently with two holding options for the bottle.

2. Bosch F002H23087079

Next in the list of best coolants for cars India is the Bosch F002H23087079. It is a motor oil coolant that offers low viscosity then requires lower pumping frequency. The glycol content of up to 45% in the coolant contributes largely to the quick cooling as well as the heat transfer of the engine option.

Best Coolants For Cars India - bosch f002h23087079

The coolant even works well in the cold weather thanks to its anti-freeze components. It is available in two variations – the Tropical Coolant and the Coolant Concentrate. Since it isn’t a diluted oil, remember to mix the oil with water with the ratio of 1:3 for both these variations.


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The coolant is suitable for both cars and motorcycles, and even compatible with the heavy motor vehicles like trucks and tractors. The oil is an all-round option that works the best in any types of vehicles. For the uninitiated, Bosch is a famous brand that has been long-known for lubricant products in various fields such as engine oil, lens liquid and cleaning agents.

3. Motul Motocool Expert 103291

Another example of a best coolant for any kind of car and bike in India is the Motul Motocool Expert 103291 is among the best coolants for cars. Like the earlier product, the coolant by Motul also contains anti-freeze properties that make you totally hassle-free during winters.

Also, the anti-corrosion components of the oil make it more perfect to lubricate the engine parts. Since it is a nitrite-, phosphate-, and amine-free oil coolant, it would never clog the engine in any way.

Best Coolants For Cars India - motul motocool image

Prices of the Motul Motorcool Expert 103291 is affordable but the oil is most adaptable for the petrol engines. Before using the coolant, one is required to remove the previous oil completely that is also a common practice when using other types of coolants.

The package does not get an extra handle but it is still easy to hold and carry. It has a life cycle of two or three months before making a change.


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4. Motul Inugel

Motul Inugel is also an anti-freezing oil coolant that is widely compatible with the coolant systems like OAT, HOAT and IAT. Being a corrosion-resistant cooling oil, the Motul Inugel perfectly reduce the excessive heat generated during the operation.

The quality of the Motul Inugel remains intact to the time so it hardly produces electrolysis then preventing harms to the engine components. Like the three earlier coolants, Motul Inugel gets a long life and does not require car’s users to do the regular changes.

Best Coolants For Cars India - motul inugel

The overall fuel consumption could be cut down considerably when using this kind of coolant. Motul Inugel is also one of the lowest foam-forming oils out there hence it is one of the best coolants for cars of India.


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Motul Inugel is among the most pocket-friendly coolant oils in the Indian market. However, there are some complaints on the high dilution level of the fuel, although the same does not take a heavy toll on the overall performance of the engine.

Motul Inugel works efficiently in both cars and bikes. The blocky design of the container might not as convenient to hold and pour as the Shell Helix, but it is easy to carry still.

5. Euroils B07CMSZB25 Euro Turbo Cool

Last in the list of best coolants for cars India is the Euroils Euro Turbo Cool. It is also a corrosion- and rust-resistant oil that boosts the life of the engine. Besides that, the chemical compound in the oil releases the robust resistance to the high-temperature and freeze of the engine. Therefore, the coolant works for any kind of weather without affecting engine performance.

Best Coolants For Cars India - euroils euro turbo cool

The Euro Turbo Cool is ideal for the radiators as it is an ethylene glycol-base coolant. It is also good for petrol and diesel-oriented engines. Then it becomes a good selection for heavy vehicles like SUVs, Jeeps and tractors, etc. The dilution ratio of oil with water is 1:2. Apart from the above, there are no extra technological components available in the coolant. It is just a coolant oil that is good at keeping the mill cool but the mid-range prices of the oil should be seriously considered. The compact design of the bottle is proper as well.

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