Govt to Charge 8 Times Higher Fee for RC Renewal of 15-Year-old Vehicle

by Jatin Chhibber | 28/03/2021
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From October 2021, the government will increase the prices of renewal for registration certifications of private as well as commercial vehicles.

From October 2021, a person needs to pay Rs 5,000 for renewing the registration of his/her vehicle more than 15 years old car. The amount is almost eight times higher than what you pay right now. Likewise, the charge for the registration renewal of an old motorcycle is expected to be Rs 1,000 as compared to the current fee of Rs 200. Moreover, to get the fitness certificate of a 115-year-old bus or truck, one should need to pay Rs 12,500, which is 21 times higher than what you are paying now.


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Recently, the road transport ministry has issued a draft notification proposing the price increase, which is part of the overall plan to roll out the vehicle scrappage policy. According to this proposal, if a person delays the renewing registration of his vehicle, he needs to pay between Rs 300 to Rs 500 every month, while on the other hand, the renewal of fitness certificate for the commercial vehicle is expected to attract Rs 50 daily penalty.

“If the government is bringing a policy to phase out old pollution vehicles, then it should be uniform for the entire country. Therefore, there is a need for the government to go back to the SC and HGT seeking review of the order,” said consume activist Anil Sood.

The hike in price for renewable registration and fitness certificates is expected to discourage a lot of people from keeping their old cars. Furthermore, the owners of private cars need to get the RC renewed every five years after fifteen years. Likewise, the certificate renewable will be quite mandatory for every year once a commercial vehicle attains 8 years.



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The proposal also says that a car owner is free to take his/her old vehicle to any scrapping centre in India and can transfer the scrapping certificate to anyone to get any incentive for buying a new car. But before scrapping, the scrapping centre will need to verify the actual owner of a vehicle.


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