Check Out The Best Car Horns In India

by Mohammed Burman | 12/05/2020
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Below is a list of 10 best car horns from the most well-known car horn brands in India. Read on to discover.

Horns were invented by Oliver Lucas in the UK. The original idea was a horn operated by an electromagnet. When the circuit broke, which interrupted the current, the horn will emit sounds. Later on, the sound from the horn has been increased by several decibels so it can be heard a mile away. Another noteworthy invention was the Klaxon horn, which was invented by Miller Reese Hutchison and could be operated by a manual battery or crankshaft and was able to emit a loud noise.

In a car, besides some other basic safety features such as ABS and ESC, etc. horns are also very important feature which helps warn other drivers of any potential dangers. If you want to buy a new car horn, this article will be very helpful to you since it is going to provide you with a list of the best car horns from the top car horn brands in India.

UNO MINDA D875007 Harmony Trumpet

  • Price: INR 220.00 *

Uno Mida is well-known for its loud sound, which makes all other vehicles pave the way for yours. Noteworthily, this car horn comes with a high and low tone. Operating at 12v, this car horn can tune at 110db. The low tone of this car horn is measured at 400 Hz while the high tone stands at 500 Hz.

uno minda d875007 harmony trumpet

Super 1201 4-Wire Electric Horn

  • Price: INR 235.00 *

Super 1201 4-Wire Electric Horn is another representative in the best car horn brands in India. This horn is a melody creator and can be operated in sync with the current horn. Noteworthily, when being installed, this car horn can help increase the lifespan of other current horns. It requires 12v to operate.

super 1201 4 wire electric horn


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MOCC Universal Horn Set for Cars

  • Price: INR 329.00 *

Mocc Universal Set is among the loudest ones you can find with a dual-horn system. Being an electrically-powered car horn, it comes with 18 different sounds. Powered by a digital computer chip, the air horn gets the necessary instructions and installation materials.

mocc universal horn set for cars

Roots Original Windtone Skoda Type Horn

  • Price: INR 620.00 *

If you want to replace the stock car horn, the Roots Original Winstone Skoda Type Horn (12V­) might be also an ideal option. Operating at 12v, it emits a pleasant sound. Nevertheless, a relay needs to be purchased if you want it to efficiently work. Besides 4-wheeler vehicles, it is also suitable for 2-wheeler ones as well.

roots original windtone skoda type horn


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Bosch F002H10028 Symphony Horn

  • Price: INR 648.00 *

Being one of the best car horn brands in the country, Bosch has created a certain amount of prestige among Indian car users. Bosch F002H10028 Symphony Horn can be easily installed in the car. One of the unique selling points of this car horn is that the sound emitted from it is loud outside but can hardly be heard inside. It also emits almost no vibrations at all. With an operating voltage is 12v, it is resistant to fracture and corrosion. It can be tuned at 108db – 110db.

bosch f002h10028 symphony horn

Hella 011225832 Pearl Trumpet Horn Set

  • Price: INR 740.00 *

Thanks to the wide sound propagation, Hella Pearl Trumpet Horn Set is one of the most popular horns with car users.  The sound emitted by this car horn is 110db with a dual car horn system. Coming with high-quality plastic trumpets, this car horn has a corrosion-free coating with polymer housing which helps provides additional strength.

hella 011225832 pearl trumpet horn set

Hella Yellow Panther Horn Set

  • Price: INR 792.00 *

Hella Yellow Panther is a perfect car horn for heavy traffic, thanks to the penetrating bass sound which certainly helps you pave the way in the traffic. It is a highly practical type of car horn since it is suitable for two, three and four-wheeler vehicles.

hella yellow panther horn set

Roots Red Front Wind tone 90 Car Horn

  • Price: INR 800.00 *

Made of fibre, Roots Red Front Wind tone 90 Car Horn comes with a dual-horn system and is a sealed roots car horn. This means that you need to make sure that the car horn does not be exposed to water; otherwise, it will be irreparable. It is offered in a low tone (400Hz) and high tone (500Hz) with a voltage of 12v.

roots red front wind tone 90 car horn

Hella 007728883 Chrome Trumpet Horn Set

  • Price: INR 1,230.00 *

When mentioning the best car horn brands in India, it would be a mistake not to mention Hella, a German which has been well-known for their horn's unique chrome styling. Hella 007728883 Chrome Trumpet Horn Set is particularly designed for the Indian traffic.  Produced in Germany, it operates from 410 Hz to 510 Hz and deserves to be listed in the list of best car horns in India.

hella 007728883 chrome trumpet horn set


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Hella Grill Super Loud Tone Horn

  • Price: INR 1.580.00 *

Known for its car horns’ reliability and durability, Hella deserves to be included in the list of the best car horn brands in India with up to three representatives in the best car horns. For such aggressive traffic as that in India, loud air horns are usually the best option for car users. Hella Grill Super Loud Tone Horn is one of such car horns. The horn stands out in the car with a red colour. It comes with both low tone (400Hz) and high tone (500Hz), an opening voltage of 12v and tunes at 118db. It is available in disc, metallic and TT horn.

hella grill super loud tone horn

Above is a list of 10 best car horns from the top car horn brands in India. Which one seems to satisfy you the most? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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