Hyundai Plans Will Introduce Airbags For Multi Collision In The Future

by Vivaan Khatri | 30/01/2019
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Hyundai might be the first carmakers to introduce multi-collision airbags, thereby starting a new approach for safety technology on airbags.

As we all know, most airbags could only be used once. After the car crash, the airbags are no longer workable. For this reason, Hyundai is currently working on design its first multiple collision to fix this weakness of airbags.

This advanced airbag will show their highly effective application if the vehicle encounters a serious car crash, especially when the car is moving in high speed and it might suffer several hits that follow. It is a common case for accident happening when driving at high speed. According to the data collected by National Highway Safety Administration, USA, in 56,000 accident from 2000 to 2012 in North America, about 30 percent of that involves the second collision. To deal with this critical issue, multi-collision airbags are deployed.

Hyundai multi-collision airbag

Hyundai is building the new multi-collision airbags for car

Just like the normal airbags, the multiple collision airbags will detect the collision and act in incredibly fast speed, much faster than the regular ones. After the first blow, the system will do a quick estimation of the severity of the crash to decide whether to re-enact the airbags for the second collision. It will prevent the injury caused by the afterwards blast, hence effectively reduced the possible fatal effect of the car crash.

The multiple collision airbags are in the development stage, and the exact timeline is still in question. However, the day this new tech comes available in the market is not so far in the future. This technology is expected to cost a deal, but the price still remains unpredictable. Right now, Hyundai is conducting tests and analyzing the result for improvement.

Multi-collision airbags test\

Multi-collision airbags could be the must-have safety features in the future

The car safety is constantly improved with various newly-developed technology. In India, the bar for safety requirement is raised as the new crash test is approaching. Features like dual airbags, ABS with EBD are now becoming the norm in the industry, which indirectly requires the auto manufacturers to introduce up-to-date safety features to make a case for themselves in the market. The multi-collision airbags are possibly the new star that will be deployed by carmakers to attract customer, and foremost, better the safety for car users.

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