Indian Government Schedules to Build 10,000 CNG Filling Stations by 2030

by Mohammed Burman | 07/09/2018
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Indian Government is intending to raise the number of CNG Filling Stations in the country from 1400 to 10,000 by 2030.

Despite not being a common type of fuel in India, CNG is regarded by Indian government as a high potential automotive fuel. At the annual SIAM (Society of Indian Automotive Manufacturers) convention organized recently, it was announced by the minister for petroleum & natural gas and skill development & entrepreneurship that Indian government is intending to increase the number of CNG filling stations by almost 7 times, from the existing 1400 stations to 10,000 by 2030. The government has also informed its intention to establish CNG filling stations across 300 districts by late 2019.

CNG filling station in India

Indian government is planning to expand the CNG filling station network

CNG vehicles not only discharge less polluting emission but also have a lower running cost than petrol and diesel ones. Thanks to the development of CNG filling stations, CNG-powered public transportation can also be encouraged all over the country. India can also decrease its oil import bill because of its ability to domestically manufacture CNG.

As CNG filling stations are quite rare in the country, many Indian automakers have refrained from manufacturing vehicles that are powered by this clean type of fuel (at least cleaner than petrol or diesel). At present, Indian auto market has witnessed the introduction of some car models powered by CNG produced by such automakers as Hyundai or Maruti Suzuki, yet the limited number of CNG filling stations have considerably restricted their sale. The development of CNG filling stations is expected to incentivize more automakers to manufacture CNG cars.

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