Mercedes-AMG Project One Nears Production

by Harish Kumar | 23/12/2020
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Mercedes-AMG has recently released a teaser video of the Project One hypercar that even features Lewis Hamilton. Read on for further details.

Hypercars might be new to many Indians but it’s the fact that it is one segment that has been really fascinating and appealing to the biggest auto giants in the world. Among a host of upcoming hypercars in the pipeline, the Mercedes-AMG Project One is one of the most-anticipated. Mercedes-AMG has recently teased the Project One hybrid car which is now close to its production. The teaser video of the Mercedes-AMG Project One even features seven times crowned Formula One world champion, Lewis Hamilton.


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Not just in the teaser, the seven-time F1 champ was even involved in the development process of the Project One’s engine. It’s not an easy feat, to tell the truth. The thought of putting an F1 engine underneath the skin of the road-legal vehicle is just marvellous on the perspective of engineering. Still, there will be some limiters put on the engine for a road-legal car and it never revs as high as the actual Formula One unit. However, it’s the same engine that powers the fascinating F1 WO6 Hybrid that helped Lewis win the F1 World Championship in 2015.

mercedes amg project one front three quarters image

To make it more specific, it’s a 1.6-litre turbocharged hybrid engine that comes paired with four electric motors with two mounted at the front axle and two at the rear, thereby making it an all-wheel-drive system. This is where this mill sets it apart from the F1 model as power is delivered to the rear wheels of the F1 car only. This engine is capable of generating the combined power output of 1000 HP against the whopping torque of 11,000 rpm. The top speed of Project One is claimed at over 350 kmph.


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mercedes amg project one hybrid rear three quarters


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Apart from the engine, the teaser video also drops us some hints at the active aerodynamic tricks that the Mercedes-AMG Project One derives from Formula One. Among which, the extendable two-stage rear wing is the most awe-inspiring. The car also offers active fins on the wheel arches that can be opened up in the race mode, which assists the car largely to pick up more grip and performance. There’s even F1-style Airbox placed on the roof that helps feed the air into the engine.

No doubts that the Mercedes-AMG Project One will be available for our eyes only as the German marque just produces 275 units of this super-duper hypercar and all are already booked. The deliveries of the Mercedes-AMG Project One will commence in 2021.

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