Modified Tata Harrier Gets Imposing 19-inch Alloy Wheels

by Vivaan Khatri | 16/03/2019
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Here is a Tata Harrier that has features stylish new wheels. The new 19-inch alloy wheels look really cool on the Harrier.

Tata Harrier was launched earlier this year, and within months of its launch, the SUV has gained considerable success. It has gathered total bookings of over 10,000 units. Some Harriers have been delivered to the customers, and it would not take long for the car fanatics to convert the car into something fascinating. The very first modified Tata Harrier has already been seen, albeit with just a minor mod. Recently, a Harrier owned by one Anil Khanna has been given a nice custom job that replaces the original wheels with larger 19-inch units.

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In its out-of-the-plant form, the Harrier features averagely sized alloy wheels of 17 inches. Even though not the largest in the segment, the wheelset looks nice and proportionate on the Harrier. However, some nice look is not what a car-fascinated owner would want. Instead, he or she might fancy a dramatic and exciting design over an ordinary look, and implanting huge wheels is a common practice to reach this goal. In this case, the old 17-inch alloy wheels are replaced with larger 19-inch units.


Instead of the stock 17-inch alloy wheels, the new 19-inch units have significantly improved the stance of the Harrier

With larger wheels, the stance of the Harrier is increasingly highlighted. Revealed by the owner, as he exchanged the stock alloy wheels for aftermarket parts, the set of four new wheels would cost him only about Rs 75,000. One note for those who want to upgrade the car on your own, picking right and high-quality aftermarket parts is an important factor deciding how successful the custom project might turn out, in terms of style and performance.    


Wheels replacement could affect the riding quality and the handling of the car

The adoption of the oversize wheels could upset the ride and handling quality of the vehicle. The growth in wheel size could even affect the accuracy of the speedometer and odometer. That’s said, on sharing about the result, Khanna confirmed that his Harrier has become stronger after the modification. He also assured that the gap between the body and the wheel are well-kept so that they could not get in touch, hence, not affecting the body structure.

At launch, Tata Harrier arrives with a 2.0-litre Multijet diesel engine that is coupled with a 6-speed manual transmission. This powertrain could provide the maximum power of 140 PS and peak torque of 350 Nm. An automatic version of the Harrier is expected to arrive in the later stage. Moreover, Tata also plans to launch a seven-seater version based on the Harrier.

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Tata Harrier currently comes with an accessory list for the interior and exterior. The accessory package comes at the price of Rs 31,500. The price bracket of the Harrier ranges from 12.69 to 16.25 lakh.

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