Mumbai Mayor Parks His Toyota Innova Crysta Illegally, Escapes Heavy Fine

by Vivaan Khatri | 17/07/2019
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Mumbai Mayor was caught illegally parking his Toyota Innova Crysta. However, he has escaped from paying a fine of Rs 10,000 fine that was applicable as per the latest rules

Illegal parking is listed as one of the major causes of menacing traffic congestion in big cities across India, especially in Mumbai, the world’s most congested city. In order to fix this aching problem, recently, new stringent rules for illegal parking were implemented in Mumbai. Under the new regulations, violators are charged with a higher fine than before. But what happens when a public servant is caught in violation of the rules? It turns out that Vishwanath Mahadeshwar, the mayor of Mumbai, was recently fined for parking his official vehicle illegally on a public road in Vile Parle.

white toyota innova parking on road

Mumbai’s mayor was penalized for illegally parking his Toyota Innova on the public road

While moving toward Kolldonggari in Vile Parle for a visit, Mahadeshwar stopped at a local food joint and parked his car outside the restaurant, right next to a no-parking sign. And yes, the police was quick to issue an e-challan to the mayor. However, the mayor will have to pay a regular fine of just Rs 100, instead of the newly introduced Rs. 10,000 fine for illegal parking. According to the new rules, any vehicle that is illegally parked within the radius of 500 meters from 26 licensed public parking facilities in Mumbai will receive the said monetary penalty. In this case, the area where mayor parked his car is not under the effect of the new rule.

illegal parking india

New tighter regulation requiring high fine for illegal parking was introduced in Mumbai

Under the new rules, the charges for violators could range from Rs 11,000 to Rs. 23,250. The final charge includes the actual fine and a towing cost. The fine should be paid by the end of the day the charge is issued. After that day, the longer the vehicle owners leave their vehicles at the police yards, the higher fine they will have to pay. This new rule has shown certain effectiveness in curbing traffic congestion in Mumbai.

After paying the fine, the mayor also shares that at that time, he was not paying attention to where his driver parked the car. He also emphasizes that he, as any other citizen, should follow the law and that a mayor should not be excluded from the punishment.

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