New Volkswagen Logo To Be Introduced At 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

by Vivaan Khatri | 23/08/2019
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Volkswagen has developed a brand new logo. The new logo design will be introduced at 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

The giant carmaker Volkswagen is approaching its major rebranding stage. As a part of the rebranding programe, Volkswagen will introduce a new logo at the Frankfurt Motor Show. At the same time, the German car manufacturer will reveal the electric hatchback VW ID3.

According to Volkswagen, its new logo is designed in line with the brand’s new image. It is described as “significantly younger, more digital and more modern.” Volkswagen has been working on creating a new logo for the last three years as a part of an attempt to restore the brand image after its notorious emission scandal in 2015.

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volkswagen logo

Volkswagen’s new logo is expected to look simplistic and modern

Besides the unveiling of the brand’s new logo, the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show will also be the debut stage of the new ID3. The electric hatchback is the first vehicle to sit on VW’s MEB platform designed for all-electric vehicles. However, the ID3 will not be the first vehicle to carry the brandnew logo but the eighth-gen Volkswagen Golf. The new-gen Golf is expected to go on sale in early 2020.

The ongoing logo was introduced in 2010 and has appeared on every VW’s vehicle ever since. The new version will keep the traditional V and W lettering of the old logo but it will come in a simplified form. Instead of the 3D design, Volkswagen’s new logo will be formed in 2D only. Described by Jochen Sengpiehl, Head of Volkswagen’s marketing department, its new logo is “flat, open, full of contrast and clearly perceived.” The new logo is expected to get gloss white finish on black surrounding for the regular models while the GTI line might get a red version of the new logo. Also according to Mr Sengpiehl, the new logo is “not a logo but an icon”, which means it not only represents the brand but also marks the brand’s new era.

volkswagen id3 concept

Volkswagen will also introduce the ID3 at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show

In the break of the Dieselgate scandal, Volkswagen has been working on reconstructing and rebranding itself. In its future plan, the German carmaker put a strong focus on the development of EVs and emission control solutions. Besides, the firm will also reform how it cooperates with dealers and expand the use of the digital platform.

After debuted at the Frankfurt Motor Show, the new logo will be installed at Volkswagen’s headquarter at Wolfburg. In the time of two years, the new logo will be introduced across VW’s international dealer network. It is estimated that 70,000 logos will be replaced.

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